It’s Not Easy Being Green! Keeping Your Garden Environmentally Friendly

not being green

We are all doing our best to be environmentally friendly these days, from the basics like recycling paper and glass, all the way through to minimizing our own carbon footprint through the things we eat. But now people are thinking more about the self-sustaining lifestyle, and if you are lucky enough to have your own garden, this is your portal to a more environmentally friendly way of living. What are the handiest ways for you to help?

Planting More Shrubs, Plants And Trees

As basic science is concerned, by planting more plants, it isn’t just going to improve the look of your garden; it’s going to help the environment in so many ways. If you didn’t pay attention in science class, trees and plants love carbon dioxide, via a process called photosynthesis (you can find out more about this on The more plants and trees you have in the garden, the more oxygen you are will create. But it’s important when picking the right plants, to choose native species, and this is because they will survive much better in your garden than foreign plants.

Make A Compost Heap

If you are looking for a great way to improve your grass in the garden, a compost heap is a fantastic approach to giving your grass more nutrients. There are so many different suppliers of fertilizer containers and water tanks, that can contribute to a strong garden, such as on, but one of the simple ways to begin is to create your own compost heap, as this is one of the quick ways to being self-sustaining.

Growing Your Own Vegetables

Naturally, being self-sustaining is one of the best ways to keep your carbon footprint low. Growing your own vegetables is something that can take a long time, but it is incredibly rewarding, and once you get into the habit of growing your own vegetables, and living off your produce, it’s a lifestyle change that benefits you, not just the planet.

Undertake A Green Audit

A green audit is one of the best ways to actually get a true perspective of if you are doing everything you can to help the environment. A green audit doesn’t just take into account the water you use on the grass or the plants, it’s about the energy you use on the lawn mower, what type of weed killer you use, or if you are doing your utmost to minimize heat loss. A green audit is one of those procedures that every budding gardener should undertake so they can get a true understanding of if they are benefiting the planet, but are also getting the most bang for their buck. After all, if you intend to grow a vegetable garden and you want to increase your yield, you may find it a lot more work than you can physically cope with.


Ultimately, you need a fine balance, you want to be looking after the environment as best as you can in your garden, but to look at your own life style also. This is why a green audit is something that we should undertake first, and then we can get a good idea of how to build on it.


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