5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Female Urination Devices

female urination devicesAs a woman, don’t you sometimes just envy how your significant other or your guy friends can just relieve themselves when they get the urge to urinate almost anywhere by just unzipping and getting down to business? Well, not anymore. The invention of the Female Urination Device is a game changer.

A female urinary device is a handheld funnel designed to allow women to urinate while standing. So if you are in those really tight skinny pants, no need to peel them off. You just need to unzip, put the FUD in place and do your business discreetly without having to bare your bottoms. All these while standing! If in a dress, just pull your underwear to the side and go right ahead. Now that’s so cool!

The FUDs come in two types; disposable and non-disposable. They are very handy and hygienically safe.

Here are some of the reasons why you get a Female Urination Device;

  1. When using public restrooms

Sanitation in the public restrooms especially for a woman can be a pain in the butt, quite literally.

From the dirty toilet seats to the limited water supply to the irregular cleaning schedule, a short call of nature can turn out to be a nightmare given women don’t enjoy the convenience of relieving themselves while standing like men. The over-the seat hovering when peeing for the not so fit woman, not to even imagine the stress of trying to put the seat protector in place when you’ve been holding it in for too long is an experience women need not go through.

But with the innovation of the Female urination devices, it’s a major relief as it comes in to help deal with the panic attacks whenever you need to use a restroom.

  1. When traveling and hiking

Imagine that hike you’ve been planning with your friends for some time comes along, and then in the midst of nature, you get that dreaded urge to pee. Keep in mind that you have your trailing gear on. Unlike your male friends, you don’t have an option of peeing against the tallest tree. You have to wander off from the group to find a private place in the woods, drop your pants and do your business. That will not only inconvenience the rest of the group since they’ll have to wait for you, it will also be a challenge to keep on baring your butt to the creatures in the wild.

Getting yourself a portable FUD will come in handy as you will experience the convenience men enjoy without compromising your modesty especially when hiking in mixed company.

  1. For the elderly and sickly women

Age comes with many challenges one of which is urinary incontinence. This is whereby one loses control of their bladder and therefore cannot prevent urine leakage. This condition is more common in women than men and can lower one’s quality of life. When a woman is suffering from Urinary incontinence they occasionally get a strong urge to urinate and more often than not get messy since they are unable to get to the toilet on time. In this case, a female urination device comes in handy to tend to their pressing needs.

The urination device is a “lifesaver” for a woman with mobility issues who cannot sit without support. It enables them to enjoy their privacy to take care of business without the assistance of a caregiver.

  1. On your Wedding day

The day you have been dreaming of since you were a small girl is finally here, it’s a day you’ve taken months or even years to meticulously plan.  You are assisted in your dream Cinderella gown which has a several meters long tail. Then because of the anxiety or even the excitement that comes with the activities of the day, boom! You feel the urge to pee. Time is running out and the thought of getting a team of maids( if you have any) to assist you will take not less than ten minutes if at all you can hold your urge for that long. This is where a female Urination Device comes in to save the day as it will make going to the bathroom as easy as lifting the gown and directing your sparkling fountain down the toilet.

  1. When Driving

If you have never gotten the urge to pee in the middle of heavy traffic or on a long road trip where it’s a chore to find a place to stop and pee, then your guardian angel must be working overtime. This is something I wouldn’t wish on any woman. But with the invention of the FUDs, you can save time as well as yourself from the embarrassment of having to pee in a cup in traffic!


Getting yourself a Female Urination Device can save you from not only embarrassment but also the risk and panic that come with accessing the not so clean public restrooms.

With that said, you should consider practicing using your FUD at home before using it out there. Since squatting comes naturally to women, it will definitely be a challenge on the first few times of using it while standing up. But don’t worry, you’ll get used to it before you even know it!

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