Eco-Tourist’s Guide to Amsterdam: Transport, Food, and Accommodation

AmsterdamIf you want to be an eco-tourist in Amsterdam, you are in luck. This city welcomes everyone who seeks out ‘green’ transportation, eating, and living. Some sources even claim the Netherlands to be one of the leading EU nations in sustainability. However, official reports do not support this. But not a very high level of sustainable energy use on the country doesn’t mean that you can’t make your trip to Amsterdam almost 100% ‘green’. You just need to make the right choices of transport and accommodation, and eating green in Holland is always easy.

Sustainable Tourism in Amsterdam: Transportation

Eco-transport in Amsterdam is easily available to everyone. The most popular vehicle for this is a bike. Considering the tiny streets of the city, getting around on one will take you to your destination faster than driving a car.

And in case you need the space and comfort of an auto, you can find electro-cars. There are many bike rental services in Amsterdam. As the Netherlands is a tiny country, that vehicle might even take you on daytrips out of the city.

However, the most eco-friendly transport of all is your own body. Strolling through the city’s streets and parks is a joy because there are many fascinating and beautiful things to see. As an eco-tourist, you definitely should take some walking tours in Amsterdam. They will allow you to discover the city’s main attractions the ‘green’ way. You might also ask the guides for tips on how to boost the sustainability of your trip.

You can even be eco-friendly when exploring the many Amsterdam channels. To do this you should hire a pedal boat. Not only is it as ‘green’ as they come but ‘riding’ it is extremely fun. It’s also good exercise for the legs, so you won’t have to worry about missing workouts while on vacation.

Amsterdam Eco-Tourism Guide: Places to Stay

Conscious Hotels, Mercure Hotel, and Element Hotel are only a few of the ‘green’ hotels you can find in Amsterdam. As the subject is so popular today, many businesses strive to achieve some level of sustainability. Therefore, you should research different options and pick that meets your personal standards of eco-friendliness.

As Amsterdam is very much a smart city, even many residents make their homes as sustainable as possible This means that you can remain ‘green’ even when using couch surfing or Airbnb.

‘Green’ Tourism in Amsterdam: Eco-Eating

Stocking to only natural and organic foods (mostly grown on ‘green’ farms) is very easy when you are an eco-tourist in Amsterdam. All you need to do is to go to a farmer’s market and buy fresh produce from the local residents. Visit the Noodermarkt Square on a Saturday morning and you’ll discover one of the best places to shop for organic food in Europe.

Natural and organic shops are easy to find with a simple Google search. There are many of those, so you’ll be able to find one nearby regardless of where you stay. The situation is the same with restaurants and cafes. Bar Kantoor, Conscious Café, Umoja, and many places in the Jordaan District will allow you to enjoy a conscious meal and make a small contribution to the betterment of the planet.

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