Clean Your Homes Responsibly

We all like to keep our homes and the areas around our homes, clean, green and beautiful. We only want to show our eyes the best and beautiful sights and we only want to live in clean and hygienic environment. But how do we achieve this? We achieve this by keeping our homes clean, throwing away the garbage of our homes, mowing our lawns, planting flowers etc. There are so many things we do each day to keep our homes clean.

But is the environment or our surroundings paying the price of us keeping our homes clean. More often than not when people perform the regular house maintenance activities of mowing the lawns or trimming the trees, we leave the cut grass or leaves to clog drains or gullies.  We don’t bother much with the drains and the gullies which get clogged sometimes.

Keeping Our Homs Clean

The right way of keeping our homes clean is when the waste generated from the cleanliness is disposed of and taken care of properly. We can’t just take care of our homes and forget about the waste. The correct and environment conscious way of cleaning our homes and neighbourhoods is one where the environment doesn’t get affected as a direct result of us cleaning our surroundings.

Ensure that when you’re mowing your lawn and leave the grass scattered about clogging gullies, call professional waste disposing service providers like a better service and get gully emptying done by them.  They are professionals in waste disposal and will ensure that your gullies are cleaned out effectively using the jetting system. It is very important that the gullies in your neighbourhood are clear of any blockages, otherwise the rain water will have no place to drain through, and this could cause a lot of water to collect and cause potential flooding and damage.

Sewage Pipes are Clear

You should also ensure that the drains and sewage pipes around your home are clear and unblocked at all times. Blocked drains and untreated sewage can cause a lot of difficulties in the smooth passing of water and sewage respectively. Untreated and blocked sewage can go much further and cause health hazards because sewage attracts viruses, parasites and bacteria, so make sure you’re getting your sewage treated and disposed of using the proper means of disposal and treatment.

Blocked drains should also be cleared to ensure smooth passage of rainwater and prevent any kind of flooding that can be caused due to blocked drains.

Disposing of solid waste products or oils down your sink or toilet will damage your plumbing system over time. Will B. Plumbing owner Wil Boardman says its a common problem that he runs into when servicing Guelph residents.

For proper sewage disposal, you should have septic tanks in your homes and ensure that these septic tanks are cleaned on a regular basis depending on the quantity of the tank and how often will it require cleaning.

Minimum Garbage Lying Around

As responsible residents you must also ensure that there is minimum garbage or waste lying around on the streets, because it’s the small waste that gets washed up and blocks the drains, so you should ensure that even small leaves, paper etc. anything should only be disposed off in garbage cans and not lie around on the streets.


There are many other things you should keep in mind when you’re cleaning or maintaining your homes. For example, if you’ve got a huge stack of newspapers lying around and you need to get rid of them, instead of just throwing them in garbage, you can choose to recycle it which will be a more responsible and environment friendly way of getting rid of old newspapers.

So each time you make a move towards cleaning your home or your surroundings, ask yourself are you just cleaning your home to dirty the environment or are you really cleaning the home AND the environment?

Author Bio : A Better Service Ltd provides waste management services across Berkshire and Reading. With a professional fleet of over 28 vehicles, A Better Service have worked on a huge range of projects for both commercial and domestic customers.

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