Hotel Brings Urban Farming To The Next Level

urban farmingThe need for producing organic food locally has been on the rise. As a result, more and more people are trying to find ways to produce organic food. However, cities are very crowded and there isn’t enough open space for producing food. Hence, an idea like urban farming movement started all over the world. Never heard of it?! Well, if you though that the latest trend in the world are paper writing service, you couldn’t be more wrong! Urban farming has become one of the major international urban trends, especially in dense cities. So, the people who felt an urgent need to grow produce in their own city found out that the only place where this could happen were the rooftops. Rooftop farms are appearing all over the world and are making the world a better and much greener place.

Urban farming can be found on many buildings and its aim is to produce organic and fresh products within the CBD ( Central Business District) of major cities. The products from these rooftop farms are fresh, free of pesticides or insecticides, and picked at the right time. What’s more, the area where there are rooftop farms has lowered air pollution. So, we decided to show you the most popular places all over the world which managed urban farming not to stay an utopian idea.

Hotel Brings Urban Farming To The Next Level

The newest hotel in Amsterdam, called QO Amsterdam, is a place where luxury and sustainability are combined. Sounds too good to be true? It indeed does, but this new lifestyle hotel includes an impressive circular system in addition to the rooms where you can stay. In fact, this hotel has a rooftop greenhouse and a fully-functioning ecosystem. The QO Amsterdam goes to prove that urban farming is definitely possible in the hospitality industry. If you need to buy thesis on urban farming or you are just eager to know more about it, you’re at the right place!

The rooftop greenhouse is connected to all floor levels and you can find different kinds of fruits, herbs, vegetables and fish. Each of these in-house produce are used in the hotel’s eateries, Persijn and Juniper & Kin. QO Amsterdam has a strong environmental vision and they even have a a full time rooftop farmer. Matthias van den Berg is the person who manages the system and makes the greenhouse run efficiently. Moreover, he works on implementing innovations in urban agriculture together with QO team.

QO Amsterdam uses aquaponics, a system which grows fish and plants together in one integrated system. This system is extremely effective and beneficial as it’s a combo of aquaculture (raising fish) and hydroponics (the soil-less growing of plants). With a constant circularity of resources, the greenhouses runs effectively.

QO Amsterdam is a place which puts forward a high-tech urban farming in the hotel industry. As a result, it is a place where locals and schools are common visitors. Everyone comes to the 21st floor to learn more and see the open environment. The main goal of QO Amsterdam is to encourage people from all over the globe to find ways of incorporating urban farming at home. Their sustainable food production is truly inspiring, isn’t it?

Some of the Best Hotels with Urban Rooftop Farms

Crosby Street Hotel, New York

The Crosby Street Hotel in SoHo is a cosmopolitan hotel with a rooftop farm on the 12th floor. The rooftop farm is home to different urban fruits and vegetables. Crosby Street Hotel uses it own products when preparing the meals. Moreover, there are also four Araucana chickens which lay fairytale-pretty pale blue eggs.

The Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort, Thailand

The Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort’s impressive 2,800 square-meter rooftop hydroponic farm offers fresh, local, and organic products. It is a home to numerous Western and Asian herbs, vegetables and salads. In fact, about 12 and 50 kilograms of each product is produced daily. With the hydroponic farming, this hotel aims to reduce its environmental impact.

Nita Lake Lodge, British Columbia

Nita Lake Lodge in located in Whistler and has a delectable seasonal rooftop garden. This rooftop farm is home to various herbs and fruits. Their sustainable practices are a culinary dream. What’s more, this hotel is just a stone’s throw from Whistler’s famed skiing and near the Nita Lake which makes it a perfect place to visit.

Fairmont San Francisco, California

The rooftop farm of Fairmont San Francisco is home to myriad of Mediterranean herbs and Meyer lemon trees, including thyme, cilantro, oregano, rosemary, and lavander. This 1,000-square-foot garden also has a wooden structure for bees to nest. As a result, this hotel can boast with delightful and organic honey which you can try in their desserts and dressings.

Hotels all around the world have joined the movement to produce organic and fresh products on their rooftops. Urban farming is all about producing house-grown vegetables, fruits, and herbs while reducing the carbon footprints. One of the newest hotels which brough urban farming to next level in QO Amsterdam which by using an aquaponics system inspires people for sustainable food production. Moreover, around the globe, there are other prominent hotels with rooftop gardens, including Crosby Street Hotel, The Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort, Nita Lake Lodge and Fairmont San Francisco.

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