How to Go Green with Your Business Mail

Despite the use of emails in most of today’s communications, letters and packages sent through the postal service are still considered big parts of business operations today; there are certain things that cannot be sent via email.

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Just because your business sends a lot of letters and packages, doesn’t mean you cannot keep the operations friendly to the environment. With these next few tips and tricks, you can go green with your business mail.

Use Recycled Paper

Whether it is marketing materials, invoices, or other documents that need to be mailed, using recycled paper is among the first and easiest steps you can take to remain friendly to the environment. A lot of potential customers and clients will certainly appreciate the use of recycled paper for environmental purposes.

There are also envelopes and wrappers made from recycled materials. You have the option to take the use of recycled materials a step further and make it a part of your brand. It is easy to communicate your stance as a green company with every mail and package you send.

Nearby Post Offices

Another way to go green with your business mail is by sending it from a nearby post office. You can find the nearest post office using tools like Intelius. Simply enter your ZIP code or your city, and the website will display the nearest post offices, including their detailed location on the map.

Sending mails and packages from a nearby post office means spending less fuel to get there. You can also schedule the delivery of mail and packages so that you don’t have to make as many trips to the post office.

Use Labels

Persuading recipients to recycle is another good thing to do as part of your business communications workflow. Be sure to add labels that contains a simple call to action. You can customize the call to action to better match your brand and your company’s position.

For example, “please recycle this leaflet when you are done reading it” is better and more personalized than adding the standard ‘recyclable’ logo to the back of the leaflet. Advertising your stance as an eco-friendly company also helps build a stronger relationship with the recipients of your mails.

Seek Alternatives

There are certain things that aren’t easy to replace with mails and packages. When sending your products, for instance, you want them to be protected while in transit. This usually means using bubble wrap or Styrofoam peanuts as a way to add that extra protection.

Unfortunately, bubble wrap and packing peanuts aren’t the best materials if you want to keep your packages eco-friendly. Rather than using bubble wrap, you can now switch to shock-absorbing paper or bubble wrap made specifically from recyclable materials.

We are also seeing a growing number of biodegradable products on the market. EnviroBubble is a good example of a biodegradable replacement for conventional bubble wraps. Be proactive and search for these alternatives.

Sending a lot of letters and packages as part of your business operations doesn’t always mean the business is not friendly to the environment. With the tips and tricks that we covered in this article, you can maintain your business’s eco-friendliness while using the postal service to reach customers and clients.

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