How to Plan an Eco Friendly Beach Wedding in Thailand

eco-friendly beach weddingCouples these days embrace the power of eco-friendly weddings since they provide the perfect chance to enjoy life and treat the planet. From vintage to recycling there are various ways to incorporate your green-friendly ethos to your lifetime celebration in Thailand. Planning your beach wedding in Thailand makes the perfect ideal due to affordability and fabulous beach destination. Let’s explore more ways to design a destination wedding in Thailand and an eco-friendly one.

Pick an Eco-Friendly Venue at Thailand beaches

Thailand offers the perfect wedding venues that are affordable and eco-friendly. Beach wedding in Thailand is known to provide plenty of good food and fun for low prices making your day special and accessible. A couple may opt for the beach a wedding package that incorporates venue, decoration, cooking, beach vacation and honeymoon. Beach venues do bring out a natural beauty surrounded by calm blue water and soft pebble sands. Additionally, they require minimal decoration and provide the perfect place for all activities reducing footprints and traveling from different locations.

Use eco-friendly decoration materials

Holding your beach wedding in Thailand makes the ideal plan of being protective of your environment since it requires minimal decorations. A green appeal will blend well with the beach while the candle adds to the day love and romance and still make the day beautiful. Using recycled tissue paper and cardboards bring out a gorgeous look plus adding a natural touch to the tableware makes the decoration bring out a sentimental beauty. The stunning beaches of Thailand will perfectly blend with any eco-friendly decorations by bringing out its reflective calmness.

Choose Eco-Friendly Invitations

Wedding invitations bring out the look of beauty that reflects your love with beautifully designed and adorably crisp. However, you can opt to do things differently from the traditional ways by sending invitations through emails, e-vites, and even social media updates. Also using of online events calendar brings out an evolving appearance and sophistication. Remember for the younger generation they will navigate the concept, but for the older guest, you may opt to make the invite through paper invitations. Using plantable or recycled paper source provides the best option for remaining within an eco-friendly system.

Go on an Environmentally-Friendly Honeymoon

Beach wedding packages provide the best destination wedding in Thailand that incorporates honeymoon. Holding your wedding venue and honeymoon in one country along the beautiful beaches of Thailand is economical and also environmental friendly. First, it helps you to avoid extra costs associated with honey plan activities. Secondly Thailand offers the perfect holiday and honeymoon destination with its historical temples, sites, jungles and the vast array of water activities. Additionally, Thailand prides in having the best cuisine and friendly people and best wedding souvenirs.

Eco-friendly Catering Services

Thailand provides the best cuisine starting from organic food that is grown locally within the region. Incorporate the traditional food of Thailand that is healthy, or you can opt to tailor make your menu to suit your guests taste. Also, the food should be available in that season of your wedding.

Don’t Waste; Donate

Getting married in Thailand is an excellent plan, but you need to plan on using items that you can donate to your guest instead of throwing them away. Source for the local gourmet goodies, or use the small plants that you can easily replant, and they bloom again. For the gift encourages your guests to give you unwrapped gifts or if wrapped they can use newspaper. Additionally, you can use them to donate to a specific charity that embraces the wonder of nature and the environment. Make your wedding celebration sustainable and small. You may opt to even borrow some stuff by adopting the culture of something borrowed. For your gown, you can opt for simple and elegance dress for both day and night celebrations

Having an eco-friendly wedding in the long stretches beaches of Thailand is a sustainable approach to save big and care for the environment during your particular party.

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