4 Reasons to Use Non-GMO Seeds When Growing Your Garden

There are a lot of factors to consider when you want to start a garden. You want a place where the sunlight will reach it, and of course, you want a place where there will also be plenty of moisture. Not to mention the importance of the state of your soil. You want to be able to analyze your garden for acidity because the perfect pH levels will ensure that your crops will grow healthy.

Of course, a good garden starts with good seeds. You might want to invest in non-GMO seeds to start your garden. If you are not yet familiar, GMO stands for genetically modified organisms. The seeds are not bred in a garden, but rather a laboratory where scientists do all sorts of things to modify the DNA of the seed. Non-GMO seeds, meanwhile, are cultivated through pollination. If you are wondering what type of seeds you should grow and whether non-GMO seeds are actually the better choice for your garden, take a look at the list of reasons below.


  1. The crops you will get are healthier – we all want our food to be nutritious, and many are afraid that with GMO crops, you will not get the same health nutrients as you can with non-GMO food. There are even doctors and biologists who say that your health can deteriorate if you keep consuming food that has been genetically modified. It would be smarter to go with non-GMO seeds to start your garden especially if you want to have a healthier lifestyle.


  1. Less chance of allergies – in some reports, it has been shown that GM soy and corn, has many allergenic properties. If you are someone who has allergies or someone in your family has them or is prone to allergic reaction, it would be better to steer clear of GM foods and seeds.


  1. No pesticides – apparently, there are many GM crops that have been genetically engineered to produce their own built-in pesticide. A study showed that these proteins contained in GM foods still live in our intestines and continue living there even after it has been a while since you have consumed the food. But when you grow the crop yourself and you use non-GMO seeds, you are assured that the food you will eat will not contain these.


  1. More peace of mind for you – if you’ve been reading the news, you will know that there have been some concerns regarding GMO food, and more and more people are looking for other alternatives to what is offered in the supermarket. Many have opted to go the organic way and buy organic food for their meals. The problem is that they are more expensive than what you would usually spend. But if you grow the crops yourself in the garden, you will not only be saving a lot of money but you will also have peace of mind knowing that you are harvesting healthy food for you and your family.
Clay Miller
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