5 Ways to Get Rid of An Old Mattress

Our mattress is one of the most underestimated household items. A mattress can determine if you sleep well or not. It can decide the shape of your back when you get up the next morning. Once you choose a new one that will change your life, how are you properly disposing your mattress?

Reuse the mattress as an extra bed for guests

If the mattress is still decent enough, you can do it as a guest bed. Here is a suggestion: buy a new mattress and place it on your mattress. Clean your old mattress and go! -A mattress as comfortable as a new mattress. The mattress cover hides the shortcomings of the old and also improves the comfort it provides.

Donate It

Today, with almost everyone “green”, it is always advisable to think about recycling your old mattress. You can do it in many ways. One solution would be to find a homeless shelter in the area that may be looking for mattresses or slightly worn furniture. If your mattress is still in good condition and no longer works for you, consider handing it over to a goodwill or second-hand store.

Just make sure it can still be reused. You can register on or and someone else can use it. Many students need mattresses that they can use in their bedrooms. People in evacuation areas during typhoons can also use these mattresses. If you do not want to benefit from it, it’s a good option.

Return to the manufacturer

Some manufacturers are recovering it to help get rid of it better. If your manufacturing company does not like to recover it or if it still does not work, you can simply try the next option. If your mattress manufacturing company still works, you can call them and ask if you can return the mattress. Some manufacturing companies support the elimination of their mattresses. However, as some of them no longer do so, you can try calling other recycling centers.

Throw it

If the mattress is too old to pass and you just need to get rid of it, there are several options available to you. The worst options are to throw it in the lake or in a ditch in the middle of the night. But do not lose hope. There are better ways to do it! Most mattress manufacturers will take the old one when they deliver the new one. You can ask the local health department if you carry your mattress with your trash or if you can put it in the landfill.

Some cities organize a spring cleaning twice a year where they collect everything on the sidewalk. It would also be useful to consult your sanitation department for the most appropriate schedules.

Spruce up your mattress

Try replacing the mattress and see if you can keep it from going to the dumpster. Clean it a little with baking soda. If there are already lumps in the formation and you feel a bit uncomfortable, why not use a mattress? This should bring back the old comfort of your mattress.

You can recycle or store your old mattress. Next time you may consider buying a biodegradable mattress, as is the case with the latex mattress. That way, even if you throw it away, it will not harm the environment.

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