Amazing Health & Medical Benefits of Massage Therapy

massage therapyWhat can massage therapy do for me?

Glad you asked. Great question! We will discuss what a regular massage can do for you; this applies to both the regular massage sessions with a qualified massage therapist and by using specific massage equipment.

There are general health benefits you can receive from regular massage therapy, and there are also medical benefits.

Here are some of the Health Benefits of a Massage Therapy

Massage Relieves Stress – massage has been widely known as one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating experiences you can have, it has been clinically proven that it helps to relieve stress by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, which is the part of your system that allows you to rest and relax. When stressed a relaxing massage can make a huge difference in the quality of your life.

Massage Encourages Relaxation – massage in its most basic sense is designed to relax tense muscles along with the connective tissues, and soothing the nervous system. A good massage helps to stimulate your body to relax. This helps your physical body as well as your mind and emotions to relax during and after a massage.

Massage Improves flexibility – a good massage will manipulate your muscles and connective tissues, this is very effective in breaking up tight knots within your muscles, this can help free up the movement of your joints and muscles. With the long firm strokes, your muscles are stretched relieving adhesions that build up within your tissues. All this combined helps in flexibility improvement.

Massage Provides emotional recharge – massage helps to provide relaxation and therapeutic change in the tissue, allowing us to feel an emotional recharge along with the relaxing effects of the massage. Studies have shown that massage increases levels of two neuro-chemicals, dopamine and serotonin allowing you to feel relaxed, happier and more fulfilled.

These are just a few of the general health benefits of receiving regular massages from a therapist or even by using massage equipment such as massage chairs from top brands such as Osaki, Human Touch, Titan massage chair (website). Now, let’s get into some of the real medical benefits that you will receive by getting a regular massage treatment.

What are some medical benefits of massage?

Here we will focus on some of the medical benefits massages can provide. First, as a review let me touch on some of the general benefits of massage.

Massage encourages relaxation, by relaxing tense muscles along with the connective tissues. Massage helps to relieve your stress by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. Massage improves flexibility by forcefully breaking up tight knots within your muscles and joints.

Finally, we discussed how massage could provide an emotional recharge by increases levels of two neuro-chemicals.

Here are some benefits of massage if you have some medical condition:

Massage helps decrease depression and anxiety –it helps to increase levels of dopamine and serotonin which are natural chemicals that the brain produces to help reduce both anxiety and depression.

These chemicals help to promote a strong feeling of well-being.  In addition to stimulating the increase of these chemicals the fact of connecting with another caring human being helps to provide greater comfort and relaxation of the nerves while easing stress and helping people deal with issues of depression or anxiety.

Massage helps relieve arthritis pain – Understanding that the causes of arthritis may be the long-term wearing down of joints a large percentage of the pain and suffering of the muscular tissues surrounding the affected joints can be reduced.

This is hugely beneficial for people living with arthritis.

Massage helps relieve lower back pain – There is a substantial percentage of individuals that suffer from lower back pain.

Massage has been shown to be very useful in reducing the pain as well as improving one’s range of motion with the regular use of massage therapy. Studies have shown that massage therapy can be more effective than standard physical therapy, medications and many surgical procedures; however, you still need to consult your family doctor and make decisions as to what is the best treatment for you.

Massage helps with circulatory problems – massage therapy helps to promote improved blood circulation, particularly to the limbs which is a big concern for people with diabetes. Issues such as chronically cold or numb hands or feet, swelling of your feet and legs can help or even relieved with regular massage therapy.

Massage helps with fibromyalgia – many people suffer from this debilitating condition and many times it goes undiagnosed. Studies have shown that regular massage therapy is a critical component in the management and treatment of Fibromyalgia and the pain that its sufferers have to endure.

It has been shown that regular massage treatments are more effective in reducing the pain that drugs or standard physical therapy.

Get your massage therapy in Scarborough and live a less stressful and more productive life. Good luck!

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