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Soon Every Type of Vehicle Will Run on Electricity

electricity run vehiclesThere are 3.1 million electric cars in the world, which might seem like a drop in the ocean compared to the more than one billion total cars driving on the roads. However, this is the beginning of an inevitable shift towards electric as the cheapest and best option, with 125 million expected by 2030. It is not just personal cars either. Experts predict that all vehicles, with the only exception being space transport, will be electric within a few decades. It is the sustainable way to travel, but first the technology needs to become cheap and convenient enough.

Electric for Personal Use

Even if lowering your carbon emissions is low on your agenda,  electric cars are quickly becoming the obvious option for the everyday driver. Over the course of four years, electric cars are cheaper to run than both diesel and petrol. Then there’s the fact that they are usually road tax-exempt and may even be cheaper to insure because there are less moving parts to break down.

The Advantages for Corporations

There are 15.5 million trucks on American roads. In a country with few rail options, semi trucks are the best way to transport goods around to every corner of the nation. With new options like the Tesla Semi, these companies can also enjoy the many benefits of going electric. Like with personal cars, electric powered transport businesses will enjoy the advantages of legally required commercial vehicle insurance and fuel running costs which are lower. This means higher profit margins. At the same time, they’ll have a forward thinking, ethical brand image, which will attract loyal customers.

Even Planes?

Taking cars, trucks, trains and buses electric might seem easy, but what about airplanes? In 2016, a plane leaving Abu Dhabi landed in the same place 16 months later. It had burnt no fuel and released zero carbon emissions. This is because it ran entirely on solar power. The possibility of commercial airlines being electrically powered is a real possibility. Airplanes account for 4% of global emissions, so cutting this could go a long way to preventing catastrophic climate change.
Electric powered vehicles are finally here. Soon every car will require no non-renewable fuel sources. However, the change could be much larger. Commercial road vehicles and planes are set to become electric too, showing a bright future for the environmentalist movement.
Clay Miller
the authorClay Miller
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