Teen Drug and Underage Smoking – How Parents Can Help!

underage smokingThe underage smoking has turned out to be the biggest dilemma in Australia and many other regions of the world. The teenagers and college goers start smoking to look more modish but end up becoming an addict. From having yellowish tenth and darker and uneven skin tone, they may suffer from several horrible diseases such as lung cancer and heart diseases. According to the statistics provided by Food & Drug Administration FDA, around 3200 teenagers light up their first cigarette every single day. More than 1.5 million packs of cigarette have been purchased by teens every year. Almost 30 percent of teens die younger and their death is caused by smoking related illnesses. Don’t these statistics horrify you? Being a parent you are obligated to protect your kids from underage smoking and substance abuse. Forbid the use of cigarette and other substances and monitor your children to make sure they obey the rule. The technology can help you a lot in rescuing your teen from the dangers of underage smoking and drug use. This article discusses how parents can make use of latest technologies to monitor their teens’ digital and real lives to keep them from smoking and substance abuse.

Make Rules

The first thing you need to do is to impose rules regarding smoking and substance use. Do not allow underage children to smoke cigarettes inside and outside the home. It would work more efficiently if you make adults to follow this rule as well. Your kids are more likely to start smoking at their schools, friends gathering and private parties. So, do not allow your kid to attend an unsupervised private party which you are suspicious about for having substance use at party.

Model Exemplary Behavior

Kids do what they see others doing. If anyone at your home is a smoking addict or smoke occasionally, make sure he/she do not exhibit smoking in presence of kids. Smoking is injurious to health and this fact is not just for teenagers but also for adults and seniors. Demonstrate the behavior you want your kids to follow. If you do not want them to be addict of smoking and substance, make sure you stay away from such stuff as well.

Closely Monitor Kids’ Lives

The most important thing to prevent your children from underage smoking and substance use is to supervise their in-house and out-house activities. You may keep them from giving a try to smoking and other substance at home but it can be hard to prevent them from smoking and taking drugs

when they are away. It is absolutely not possible to follow your kids all the time. This is where you can take support of technology.

There are several child monitoring applications that allow spying on your kids. These application let you know where your kids are and what are they doing. The spy app does this by tracking the mobile phone devices of your kids. Once you install the monitoring app on your kids’ mobile phones, you can be virtually present around them every minute.

Monitor Kids’ Suspicious Activities with Spy App

The cell phone spy app lets you supervise the suspicious activities of your kids. You can detect what your kid is doing at a certain time, whether he is smoking cigarette or being forced by a fellow to light up a cigarette for the first time. The spy applications such as TheOneSpy let you control the camera and microphone of the mobile phone of your kid. You can turn on the front and back cameras anytime and from anywhere to see what your kid is doing and what events are being performed in his surroundings. The spy app captures photos and record videos of the surroundings to let you know what is happening around. If you only want to listen to the conversations of your children, you can turn on the microphone of their phones and listen to them for as long as you want.

The Bottom Line

Monitoring plays a pivotal role in protecting your children from the curse of underage smoking and substance abuse. Also, inform your kids about the horrible impacts of smoking to help them make the right decision for their lives.

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