7 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Property

By renovating or renovating your home you not only make a finer home for yourself, but you can also create substantial added value. Always keep in mind that if you want to sell your house in time, you opt for neutral, timeless adjustments. This way you immediately ensure that your home has a suitable appearance for various target groups.

Now you may wonder what type of conversion or adjustment will make the most value increase. This is difficult to say because it has to do with the type of house, the immediate environment, the target group and for example the price level of the house.

However, on several sales sites, it is almost immediately possible to see which points influence the price. These are the living space, the surface of the garden and the photos. In this article, we have provided 7 ways to increase the value of your property that you can also carry out yourself.

1. Painting and refurbishing the facades and driveway

Research has shown that a first impression has a direct effect on how we will evaluate something or someone else. So you can make a first impression only once, in just two seconds we already form an image on which we decide whether something or someone is worth it.

Driveway is the first thing people see when entering in a home. Asphalt driveways can develop cracks and deteriorate over time. To keep your driveway in good shape, you can use best asphalt sealer to fix the driveway.

You will also need to do well to make the first sight of your house worthwhile. Refurbishing the facades at the front and back is a good first step to increase the value of your home.

Work on the roof tiles, make sure the paintwork is in order and ensure clean and clean windows and doors. Who knows, the window frames are due for replacement? Invest in timeless frames made of sustainable materials because this way you can enjoy them for an extra long time.

Make sure that your façades are clean and, for example, also check whether the roof covering and the roof gutters need some attention. Is this not all possible alone? Then, of course, you can also choose to hire a professional.

2. Extending the living space

You can expand the living space of your home in different ways. Obviously, a larger living space contributes to the value of the house. For example, choose to extend your attic floor by placing a large dormer window. You can also think of extending the ground floor by realizing a nice extension or conservatory with an adjoining terrace. These are just a few examples, but be sure to check what is possible at your home.

3. The (re) design of your garden

It is certainly possible to look at your garden with ‘broker eyes’. The value of a garden should not be underestimated, the moment you put your house for sale is the moment that your garden should look great. Remember, everything revolves around the first impression!

A beautiful garden can ensure that any buyers quickly fall in love with your home. This must meet a number of requirements. Future residents must see themselves in your garden. So make sure that the base is in order.

One can think of privacy, placing neat fences to avoid glimpses. You can also think of a good combination of planting and paving. Some people have green fingers, where others just love a maintenance-free lawn. Details are not very important, needs differ from person to person and the garden is often not decisive for the possible purchase.

4. Renovating your kitchen

You should assume that a renovation costs more than the value of your home will rise. This is because a kitchen and this also applies to the bathroom, is still taste sensitive. Where you spend more for your dream kitchen, this can be for the next occupant a kitchen that in his eyes is worth only less money.

Kitchens and bathrooms that are less susceptible to taste also have a greater chance of contributing to the value increase of your home. Choose simple, timeless cupboard doors and high-quality built-in appliances. For example, a fixed oven and a dishwasher are often big plus points in every kitchen.

5. Renovating the bathroom

What applies to the kitchen, also applies to the bathroom. When you opt for a simple bathroom in neutral tones, you create a timeless space that can last for years. It is almost obvious that remodeling the bathroom increases the price of your home so that value is added. Here too, you should do well to prevent tiles or fixed furniture with striking, appealing colors, motifs, and prints.

After all, it is all about appealing to a large target group. For example, invest in beautiful bathroom furniture, lighting, a good shower screen instead of a curtain and make sure that the pipes and the drain are all right. A well-functioning ventilation system is always a plus!

6. The redesign of your living room

The living room is the place where in general the most time is spent and a welcome feeling is therefore important. Of course, not everyone is waiting for a sleek, modern living room, but at least make sure that it has a light, fresh look.

Fixed elements also contribute to the value of the house. Think, for example, of a beautiful staircase or an atmospheric fireplace. As far as your own furniture is concerned, you can, of course, go in all directions, but investing in timeless items is always a good idea!

7. Courtyard

Sometimes it is not possible to maintain a garden, because there is no space for a garden outside. Then perhaps a courtyard garden is an option. ‘;

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