Keeping Your Mind Stimulated is a Cornerstone of Health

keep mind stimulated


Working to be your best might take plenty of your energy, and it might be that daily motivation or discipline is needed in order for you to succeed as you dream. However, people who are often predisposed to intense daily motivation instruction to work as hard as possible often forget the healthy aspect of work, and how it can inform a lifetime. For that reason, we’d like to take a step back, and consider how work focused on can inform your life, and how mental stimulation is a cornerstone of health.

We’re not beings of thought alone, but by that same token we’re not only physical, instinctual creatures. For the full sense of health, the physical, emotional (or spiritual depending on how you define it,) and mental must all be taken into account. Of course, sometimes there are stresses. Telling a final year college student to relax and consider health when dealing with a twenty exam thick timeline in the near future might be met with laughter.

However, in order to be your best, you really do need to consider how your mental processes are taken care of from day to day. It might be that trying to effectively work with them could give you the means you need to be better than ever. Consider our advice:

Nurturing Your Strengths

It might not be that you gain your dream job in your dream field from the moment you leave college, or whatever schooling stage you’re in right now. However, you can always find time to nurture your strengths, perhaps even further how you’ve been focusing on yourself now. For example, the IMC graduate program can lend you a true sense of personal potential if you’re interested in the marketing sphere, or trying to gain an internship at a production house could be worthwhile.

You might cultivate even humble work online through freelancing gigs to keep you sharp and able on a daily basis, while also trying your best to refine your skills through taking basic qualification classes via your favorite online course platform. Nurturing your strengths gives you confidence, because we all need something we’re good at and interested in. If you haven’t found your strengths just yet, keep looking. Over time, you’re sure to find something important that influences you and stimulates you as we’ve described in this article.


Not enough people value the pure importance of a clean desk space, of an organize computer desktop space, and of the layout of your academic or working materials in a way most conducive to your work. Simply cleaning out your office or desk can be akin to a mental shower in some circumstances, giving you the mental room necessary to really apply yourself without having to worry about wasted time or dead weight in organization. To us, this can really help us keep our cognition sharp, untethered to the difficulties of all the stuff you must work with.

While these options might seem simple and too humble for words, actually applying them to your life can make a real difference, much more than any inspirational Instagram post might have you believe. Try it out for yourself, and see just how mental stimulation and a little lubrication can work wonders.

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