5 Eco-Friendly Woodworking Projects

Working with wood it is one of the world’s oldest traditions. Man has long since created useful tools, furniture, wagons, and other necessary items out of wood. The tradition continues today although machinery too often overshadows handcrafted woodwork. You can tap into your creative side by utilizing reclaimed wood to create many new items. The eco-friendly use of reusing wood rather than cutting down trees to attain more benefits the planet. Each of these woodworking projects utilizes reclaimed wood used once before then given new life and practical use by taking on a new form.

1. Dinner Table
The table is the center of the home and reclaimed wood creates a unique appearance. Unique wood grains, weathered appearances, and natural flaws in the wood make for a piece of furniture that will become the focus of many conversations and a gathering place for family and friends to dine. You can create your own table by following this simple guide and using expertly created Dremel tools.

2. Bookshelf

If you are a book lover or are simply looking for an artful way to display your treasures then an bookshelf project might be the ideal fit for you. For this simple project, you will be reusing wooden pallets. The end result is a lightweight yet sturdy shelf that will suit your needs and be easily moved as needed.

3. Salvage Wood Framed Mirror

Any inexpensive mirror can be instantly improved and given a shabby-chic look. If you have never done a woodworking project before this might just be a great place to start. There are only a few steps and the mirror will look amazingly high class after completed. The mirror can be used in your bedroom for dressing, hung in the bathroom, or be used as stylish wall decor.

4. Storage Cabinet

Do you have an old frame? That common object is the starting project for a very practical cabinet project. This mini cabinet can be used to store your beauty items, medicines, teas, or anything else small that would be convenient if stored together. After completion, the cabinet can be mounted or set on top of a counter or table for handy access.

5. Raised Garden Bed

Gardening is a wonderful past time whether you prefer to grow flowers, fruit, vegetables, herbs, or a mix of the above. Raised garden beds are an ideal way to better tend plants. Using reclaimed wood, this raised garden bed can easily be done as many times as you would like. After completed fill with compost, manure, and soil for an eco-friendly nursery and way to produce your own food.

Get your Dremel tools ready because it is time to take on a new woodworking project. These five eco-friendly projects use reclaimed wood saving it from being carelessly tossed into landfills. Try out your DIY skills by making furniture such as a dinner table or bookshelf. Smaller projects that are still practical include a salvaged wood framed mirror, mini cabinet, and raised garden bed. There are benefits to each item and best of all you are contributing to a healthier Earth.

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