6 Easy Breezy Steps to Balance Your Hormones Naturally

Hormones play an important role in our body. They affect our mental, physical and emotional health. They are what control our metabolism, our mood swings, hunger, body weight, and body growth. In short, it is vital that they stay where they should be because if they get out of balance, our entire body system starts functioning oddly. Many things affect our hormones, such as inadequate sleep, lack of exercise, and stress. When there is something wrong with our hormones, we start getting the signals through different ways. We may start losing or gaining weight abnormally, and our digestion may get affected, we may begin to lose hair, or our skin shows signs such as acne. Balancing your hormones is not a difficult task if you know where to begin and what to do. In case you want to balance your hormones in a natural way, have a look below.

  1. Massage

Massage is a proven technique for achieving a healthy lifestyle. It relaxes our body and mind and eases our muscles. Apart from these well-known facts, massage can also play a role in hormone balancing. Researchers have noted that a good massage can lower your cortisol levels with the help of stress-reducing techniques such as meditation, massage yoga, and listening to relaxing music. Massage therapy has the ability to reduce not only cortisol levels but also increase levels of the mood-boosting hormone that is serotonin and dopamine. You can get a professional massage, or if you cannot, get one at home. Have a look at some of these massage chairs that will make your life better.

  1. Get High-Quality Sleep

Your nutritious diet or exercise will not help if your sleeping pattern is messed up. Restorative sleep is necessary and poor sleep can cause imbalances of many hormones.

  1. Increase Your Fiber Intake

Best sources of fiber are fruits and leafy vegetables. When your diet does not have enough fiber, it can contribute to a hormone imbalance. Fiber is necessary because it keeps our gut healthy and removes any toxins from the digestive tract. Many hormones are produced in the digestive tract, and therefore, a healthy gut will maintain a proper balance between the hormones, especially regarding maintaining your appetite and energy balance.

  1. Green Tea

Green Tea is metabolism-boosting caffeine and contains an antioxidant which provides you with several health benefits. Researchers say that if you consume green tea, it can lower insulin levels in people, which is excellent for patients with insulin-resistant conditions such as obesity and diabetes.

  1. Eggs!

Eggs can positively affect hormones that regulate the food intake and lowers levels of insulin and ghrelin. Start eating eggs whenever you like.

  1. Cut Down On Refined Sugar

White processed sugar is not very healthy and negatively impacts all the body hormones, however, it is insulin that takes most of its brunt. Refined sugar can fluctuate the sugar levels in the, and your hormones can get out of balance. Start using natural sweeteners or brown sugar.

Follow these tips and balance your hormones in no time!


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Sara is a psychologist by profession, and she loves massage therapies. She enjoys home-based work and travelling. She is obsessed with massage chair therapies and other relaxing techniques. She regularly writes blogs at Mymassagechairs.

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