Facts About LED Lighting – The Big Switch

LED Lighting – you will have read all about it, but remain sceptical or a little wary.

Don’t worry, many people are, so to help what’s known as The Big Switch, LED Light Guides have put together this big infographic with some LED lighting facts you might want to consider:

The Benefits to You – the User:

  • LED lights use 90% less energy than conventional bulbs
  • They will last 10 times longer than your traditional light bulb
  • They are not as fragile as, for example, halogen bulbs
  • There are no hazardous substances involved
  • They help cut greenhouse gas emissions
  • They save you money in the long run, thanks to the above
  • Upgrading just 15 of your lights to LED could save you $50 per year

You can use LED lights anywhere in the home – they are great as lighting in kitchens for example, where they can be fitted beneath or above cupboards for added light – and you can also get them in a wide range of different colors.

Yet, it’s not just the user that benefits, it’s could have a huge benefit on our planet if everyone was to join in and switch to LED lighting.

The Benefits to the World at Large:

  • If everyone used LED lights, worldwide energy usage on lighting would be reduce by 40%
  • This is equivalent to the output of 640 medium sized power stations
  • The forecast for energy saved by using LED lighting in the US amounts to a 46% saving
  • That is the equivalent of powering 24 million homes
  • This would reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the equivalent of removing 150 million cars from the roads

These are just a few of the facts covered in this infographic which make it clear just how LED lights are indeed the future of lighting, today.

Why not take a look and learn how you can save money, and help the environment by doing so.


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