Health and Environmental Benefits Related to Electric Vehicle

An electric vehicle or EV is a vehicle using an electric motor to function. They use electricity as a source of energy. The power can be stored in battery packs, solar panels or an electric generator. The Electric vehicle is not just limited to cars only but refers to rail vehicles, boats, electric aircraft or spacecraft.

It is a surprise the first electric motor was created in 1827 by a Hungarian priest. Although it used crude oil to produce electricity, it was functional. Gas powered vehicles were cheaper and travel long distance that is why humans had no interest in advancing electric car technology. The advancement and improvement of lithium-powered batteries have increased the range an electric car can travel without needing recharging. Global warming has led to consumers buy more electric vehicles to reduce reliance on gasoline cars.

An electric car has zero emission. Unlike gasoline cars which emit harmful gases into the atmosphere. The EVs do not require any oil change cause most of their parts are not moving. When the parts are running, they use the electromagnetic force. The whole body of an electric sedan is 100% recyclable including the body and the batteries.

  • Improve Air Quality

With zero emissions the air we breathe will be cleaner. Most urban centers are heavily polluted. Polluted air causes diseases such as pneumonia and asthma to human beings. Though the government has passed regulations on the gasoline quality or the amount of nitrogen oxide gasoline cars, produce it has not been efficient. The solution is to have more Zero emission cars on our roads.

  • No Noise Pollution

Noise from cars is a nuisance and a major distraction. It is worse when you hear sound from a fast car or one which has not gone for service for a while. The Electric motors have no noise. They move quietly without distracting a person, especially in urban areas.

  • Reduction of Climate Change

The whole world is experiencing climate change due to the massive pollution of air. The carbons produced by gasoline destroy the ozone layer. The direct sunlight rays are harmful to our health and green environment. The electric cars will help the world reduce the carbon footprint thus helping us improve the situation for future generation to come.

  • Cheaper to Maintain

Someone may wonder how maintaining a car benefits a person’s health or the environment. The electric car use no oil and little maintenance cost. Reducing the costs of living will spike savings. When people have more savings the more they are happy.

The benefits of more electric vehicles in the world is a beneficial thing for our environment. It will only help us if we use renewable sources of energy to produce electricity. That will reduce the reliance on coal and gas which pollute the environment. The electric car owners have to charge at night when the electric grid is in little use and cheap. They have to install solar panels and battery backs to store electricity for charging vehicles with 100% renewable energy. When adopting such strategies we will reduce carbon footprint.

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