Sustainability in Real Estate: Is it Easy to Be Green?

It can be difficult for estate agents and letting agents to be green and ecologically minded when they are handling the property that their client gives them to sell or to manage for a letting. However, things can be made much simpler for them when the homeowner they deal with is coming to them with an already established environmentally friendly mindset.

Most homeowners are now more environmentally conscious than ever before and will happily partake in recycling routines, shop for food using reusable bags, avoid buying plastic straws or coffee pods that are known to cause serious ecological issues.

But what about landlords that choose to let out their property? Can letting agents work with them to encourage a more green approach to their letting? Of course they can! There is no longer any excuses left for people not to go green. In fact, going green can be good for your business!

The demand for sustainability in property lettings

There is a growing demand for sustainable homes in the property sector, and that includes for those looking to buy or rent homes. Green minded property developers are now seeing that choosing green options and recycled building materials can actually command a higher price than using regular construction materials.

For the future, it looks as if government legislation will continue to encourage new build developers to move away from standards building materials in favour of incorporating green materials that come with less environmental impact to produce, and also to embrace new green technologies, such as solar panel installations. Sustainable housing is already being seen as an asset amongst new home buyers, and the trend doesn’t stop with buyers either. Renters are also looking for greener living options too!

For a lettings agency, each property they manage can be made over to be more green and environmentally friendly, especially when the landlord is looking to do some renovations to a property before letting it out. Going green with your refurbishments can not only help the Earth, but will also help to boost the desirability of your property to potential new green-minded tenants.

Green furnished lettings

If you are letting out partly furnished or fully furnished properties, then consider sourcing your furniture from well-known and innovative green companies such as Pentatonic, who specialise in turning human junk into practical, yet beautiful, pieces of furniture, such as turning plastic drinking bottles into a designer chair. Or Stylus who transform discarded plastic toys into children’s chairs.

Makeover the garden areas using materials made from recycled plastic and metals, such as old railway sidings, plastic decking and upcycled garden furniture.

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