Companies Can Help Create a Cleaner Planet

cleaner planet - revegetation & conservation seedDuring the 21st century, the world went through a climate crisis of all time. It’s hard to believe that most of the pollution was caused by just 90 companies, which ended up being responsible for nearly two-thirds of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Greenhouse gases are caused by oil, coal, and gas emissions and are a problem thousands of companies still face. Most of these greenhouse gas emissions were produced over the past 25 years. Now, many governments and corporations are aware of the rising risks associated with greenhouse gases, which experts now believe is responsible for causing the dangerous, often drastic, climate changes we see today.

Studies also have led many scientists to believe that within 30 years time, the amount of carbon dioxide emitted could grow high enough to go into what experts refer to as the “danger zone” which is what happens when we go above the 2C warning. It’s important to study and understand the evolution of our climate and for business leaders internationally to take crucial steps towards helping improve the climate crisis. Nearly 63% of the pollution emitted is caused by industrial carbon dioxide and methane gases.

Thankfully, in the past 15 years, things have drastically improved, a lot of that is thanks to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) The EPA was established by President Richard Nixon in 1970, during a time when our rivers and streams were too polluted to swim in, let alone drink from. During the 1970s, it wasn’t uncommon to see large smog clouds hanging over rivers or to see billboards with signs encouraging fellow drivers to conserve their energy. Vehicles are now anywhere from 90 to 99% safer, producing cleaner fuels, with lower sulfur levels, which drastically improves air quality.

Much of those dark days are behind us. Companies now spend millions of dollars annually innovating new ideas in hopes of reducing, and hopefully eliminating, pollution. They are continuously coming up with new ways in hopes of reducing the carbon footprint we leave on our planet.

Here Are Ways Businesses Are Working Towards Improving Our Environment

Planting Vegetation and Seeds 

Companies like, Granite Seed, a native grass seed company, specialize in reclamation and conservation seed products. Everything from bushes, trees, flowers, and other greenery all grow from seeds and can help drastically reduce pollution. Studies have shown that planting vegetation can reduce pollutant levels by eight times. Many of the streets in our country have nitrogen levels that can actually be harmful to human health, which is why many urban cities have started to plant more vegetation in streets and parks.

Many businesses and companies understand fully the advantages vegetation plays in improving air quality, and have started to incorporate more vegetation. Companies have even started to create plant covered billboards, Coca-Cola partnered with the WWF to install a sixty-foot billboard in the Philippines completely covered in plants and recycled Coca-Cola bottles.


With parts of the ocean almost completely covered in plastic and other disregarded debris, recycling is now more important than ever. The world produces more than 250 million tons of plastic a year and about 10% of that ends up in our ocean. Nike is currently the world’s largest athletic gear retailer, and now more than a third of the company’s footwear is made entirely of recycled materials; this allows the company to save more than two million pounds of fabric a year.

Going Electric

More and more automobile manufacturers are going electric, but this doesn’t stop with cars. Companies, like Tesla, have designed semi- trucks that are completely electric powered. Tesla isn’t alone. Many other trucking companies are realizing the dangers associated with burning diesel fuel, although diesel tends to be a lot cleaner than refined crude oil. It still emits a handful of pollutants that are dangerous for our environment. Other semi-truck manufacturers, such as Nikola and Daimler, are also developing trucks that run on electric power and get close to 1,200 miles per charge.

Solar Power

There is no other form of energy more reliable than our sun. It has been burning bright for more than 4 billion years and shows no signs of diminishing. Solar power is one the best and most self-sustainable forms of clean energy. Millions of homes and businesses depend on solar power. Companies like IKEA realize the full potential of solar energy and have invested more than 700,000 solar panels in their stores, with a goal to be completely solar powered by 2020.

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