An Eco-Tourists Guide To Tennessee

There is nowhere else in the United States, or even the entire world, quite like the state of Tennessee. It is an area of outstanding natural beauty with a fascinating history and world-famous culture, most notably the prolific and historic music scene particularly in the cool capital city of Nashville. Tennessee is also a wonderful place to visit for an eco-tourist with plenty to see and do all around the state which are green. So, if you are looking to visit somewhere completely unique, beautiful, welcoming and fascinating, then you need look no further than the southern state of Tennessee.


It would be wrong to come to Tennessee and not immerse yourself in the historic music culture found throughout the state. There are many notable highlights here, and you can simply wander from bar to bar in Nashville or Memphis, but below are a few of the major music attractions that are not to be missed.

Leave the television off and the car at home and find a local bar with some live music to enjoy. This supports the local community as well.


As mentioned, Tennessee is a stunning state found deep in the south of America. There are many great ways to explore this and simply driving around will show you the great beauty of the area, but one of the best ways to appreciate nature here is to visit the mesmerizing Great Smoky Mountains National Park which is a UNESCO protected World Heritage Site that any eco-tourist will adore. It is the most visited National Park in the USA with the iconic Appalachian Trail passes being a superb way to explore.


There are many terrific eco-friendly activities to try throughout the state, and you are sure to find a few no matter which part you are in.

You don’t have to add to the carbon footprint, as there are many activities that can be enjoyed without impacting the environment.

Escape Rooms: The Escape Rooms in Chattanooga are particularly fun with a range of fun breakout games like a museum heist and a casino spy game. These are great either with a group of friends or as a way to meet new people in the area.

Civil War Trails: Tennessee was a key state in the Civil War with large numbers of both Confederate and Union soldiers coming from here and a number of key battles taking place. The Tennessee Civil War Trails will teach you this important and intriguing history.


Food is, of course, an important part of visiting a new place and Tennessee is famed for its cuisine. Fortunately, there are lots of great vegetarian options with places in Nashville perhaps being the best eateries to visit. A few good examples include Wild Cow in East Nashville and Rolf & Daughters in Germantown. The Farmers Market in Germantown is also highly worth a visit. You can find and support local restaurants who source their food locally, as this is a great way to explore the great food available but also enables you to do your bit for the planet.

Tennessee is a marvelous place to visit particularly for eco-tourists. As you can see, there is plenty to see and do found throughout the state with many good options for those passionate about sustainability. Tennessee is also famously friendly and welcoming, so you are sure to get lots of good recommendations from the locals on your travels.

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