Use Essential Oils To Reduce Your Daily Work Stress

lavender essential oilsStress is a natural occurrence among humans, and sometimes, it plays a very vital role in supporting growth. For example, it can motivate an individual to toil extra hours or even inspire them to get a promotion at work. If not controlled, however, stress can potentially interfere with one’s family life, job or even derail their health. A good number of individuals report that they quarrel with their family members due to uncontrolled job-related stress. Others experience associated emotional and physical illness and hence register poor performance at work or school.

Luckily, a rough day at work doesn’t necessarily need to be a nightmare for a person or people close to them. Essential oils have over time proven to be an effective natural solution for eradicating work-related stress, or even depression. Here are some top essences that will not only introduce an excellent fragrance when diffused in a home but also help to tackle daily work stress.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender oil is popularly known for its relaxing and calming properties. This oil is perceived as a nervous system restorative and for a good reason; it assists with regaining inner peace while also combating insomnia, restlessness, panic attacks, irritability, and nervousness as well as general tension. There are three common ways of using lavender essential oil when looking to benefit fully from its anti-stress properties.

The first method involves mixing five to six drops of the oil into the bath water, which is especially beneficial for those who have dry skin. The second way requires an essential oil diffuser. While at work, for instance, one should place ten to twelve drops of the oil in a diffuser and have it consistently dispersed for natural stress relief. Lastly, people suffering from daily work stress can mix at least two drops of lavender oil with an ounce of their favorite unrefined organic oil, for instance, olive oil and apply the mixture onto the skin. This will not only relax the mind but also improve the skin’s texture and health.

Bergamot Essential Oil

This oil originates from a plant known as Bergamot that produces the citrus type of fruits. The plant is a lemon mutation, or in simple terms, a hybrid between a lemon tree and a sour orange herb. Bergamot oil was originally used as a mood enhancer, but in recent years, users have confirmed that it helps to relieve anxiety and job-related stress. There are numerous signs of stress, including a bad mood, fatigue, lack of appetite, low sex drive, and disinterest among many others. Different people handle this mental condition in diverse ways including taking drugs, yelling, or simply keeping to oneself while entertaining suicidal thoughts.

The good news is that bergamot is a perfect natural remedy for stress and it’s extremely effective. It even gets to the roots cause of the problem to eliminates stress. When using bergamot essential oil, it should be mixed with a carrier oil like sweet almond, jojoba or avocado oil before applying to the skin. Users can also derive its benefits by diffusing its aroma throughout their home or office. This oil’s ability to balance a mix of aromas has caused numerous perfume manufacturers to make bergamot a principal constituent of their products.

Lemongrass Essential Oil

Besides being used as a mouthwatering citrus seasoning for Thailand cooking, people have discovered that this delicious grass has healing properties in its stalks. With its citrus, fresh scent, this oil has been widely used to alleviate stress and depression. In aromatherapy, the scent of lemongrass is known to transmit positive information to the brain and hence control emotions. It is commonly consumed orally, applied to the skin directly or diffused into the air to inhale. Ideally, after a long day of work, people with long-term stress should stand at the balcony for a fresh breeze. Subsequently, they may read an interesting book after filling their home with the invigorating scent of lemongrass essential oil.

Frankincense Essential Oil

The fragrance of frankincense can be correctly defined as serene. This oil has an immediate and blissful natural calming effect that comes in handy when combating work-related stress. Frankincense essential oil is mostly used during spiritual ceremonies and for good reasons. For instance, it helps monks and priests attain a deep level of calmness with ease, which is attributable to its sedative effects. Another aspect that renders frankincense the perfect remedy for relieving stress is its anti-depressant properties. This natural product goes a long way in balancing emotions and relaxing the mind after a long day at work. Upon using frankincense, the stressful issues dissipate, and its user attains a positive and balanced mind. Thus, they work and relate with others better.

The use of essential oils is among the safest ways of dealing with chronic or acute stress from work. The influential components found in the above oils are essentially the essences from natural plants, which are capable of providing instant relief from stressful situations without any side effects. Besides, essential oils are easy and convenient to use at home, office or any other place from which people need help with relaxing or calming their nerves down.

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