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How to Maintain Eco-Friendly Food Habit

Eco-Friendly Food HabitIt will be injudicious to say that climate change doesn’t exist. There is no doubt that climate is changing of course not in a positive way. It really doesn’t matter whether you feel or observe it or not. You might be failing to observe but you will surely be suffering for it.

But there is always a question arises from general people “What can I do alone? “Or “will my small effort matter a little bit to get rid of the situation? ” .

My answer to them is that it will matter. Every little step to fight against climate change will matter. Remember one thing every big thing becomes possible due to the ample amount of efforts getting together. So our combine efforts will surely have a great impact.

Like this climate change hasn’t come in real overnight, the fight against it won’t be successful overnight.

The biggest thing that affects the environment is our lifestyle. We should hold a kind of lifestyle from food to transport which will not cause harm to the environment.

We like to buy low-carbon emitting appliances, natural baby products or staff like that so that we can cause less pollution to the environment. I think if you maintain our food habit like the way it won’t pollute the environment I believe it will affect more to the environment.

That’s why today I will give you some suggestions how to possess eco-friendly food habit:

Start with the water

The most important element we absorb to survive. The nature has blessed us with water but in return we spoil the nature drinking water from plastic bottles. Yeah if you want keep good health of environment then you should reduce drinking water from plastic bottles.

Because it increases the amount of wastage and due to that environment gets polluted. According to a Greenpeace report, ten percent of 260 million ton of plastic ends up in the oceans which cause bad impact to the environment. So reducing use of bottles will reduce the amount of wastage.

You can use filter machine to purify your water at home. And you can buy eco-friendly water bottles available in the market to drink water at outside.

Eat less amount of meat

This is a very heavy food item. The cooking of meat item requires great amount of heat energy as it takes more time to get cooked. Besides meat industry is really energy intensive industry. It consumes huge amount of energy which leads to impact on environment.

So if we can restrict ourselves eating less meat item it will consume less energy and that will surely help the environment. As we know meat is the main source of protein for the big amount of people so to fill that it is better to increase the dependency on plant-based protein sources.

Limit yourself eating dairy products

We consider dairy products as the most healthy food item. It is true we need dairy products daily. But not excessively of course.

The processing of dairy products requires big-scale industrial system as today we cannot expect some homemade dairy products. This industrial works emits large amount of industrial wastages which is of course one of the reasons to pollute the environment.

I think to survive in the long run you should find and get used to the organic alternatives of dairy products. Substitutes of recotta cheese, butter or other staffs will help you to get the same nutrients like the ones in dairy products.

So it will be beneficiary for the environments if you consume less dairy products in day to day life.

Avoid eating processed food as much as possible

Processed food is nowadays one of the popular things for the people. We tend to buy some processed foods when we peep into a supermarket. I am not saying that you shouldn’t.

As processed foods offer variety in our eating experience we like to have it in our menu. But the problem is processed foods requires industrial packaging and other staffs to make it complete for the market. And like the dairy products the industrial works emit unwanted things and pollute the environment.

Besides processed foods come in various packages or cans so it increases the amount of wastages as well. So if you want to do something for the environment then reduce eating processed foods.

Grilling is not a good option

I think I am telling the most unpleasant thing to you. Prohibiting favorite things makes us anguish I know. But we should care about the bigger cause. I am just trying to tell you to reduce the acts that cause harms for the environment. I am not telling you to stop.

So grilling is of course bad for environments. If you want to make an eco-friendly diet then you must reduce the use of grilling.  This process needs timbers and it burns those which emit carbon in the air. Thus becomes a harmful thing for the environment.

Organic food is always best option

According to Sustainable Table, organic farms emit up to two-thirds less carbon dioxide than industrial farms per acre. So organic farming is good for environment and it also produces healthy foods for us.

Everyone should go for organic foods which will reduce industrial pollution passively.

Local food should be bought more

It is small thing but as I said earlier every small thing can be responsible to bring up change. Buying local foods will not increase the demand of foods from outside.

Transporting foods is also responsible to pollute the environment. So it is recommended to buy local foods as much as possible.

One vegetable item is a must at dinner/ lunch

Vegetables are a very crucial for us. To own good health vegetables help the most. So we need to eat vegetables everyday if possible. It is not only good for health but also good for environment.

These recipes require less cooking and don’t need industrial support to grow which makes it good thing for environment.


This things might seem ‘not relatable’ to you but trust me if everyone starts maintaining food habits considering these things it will surely put a great impact on the environment and we can fight against climate change.

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