Bike Friendly Hotel: Holiday Inn Express Krabi Ao Nang Beach

Bike riding is always fun especially when done with family. From September 2018, Holiday Inn Express Krabi Ao Nang Beach is introduced as the first Bike Friendly Hotel in Thailand.

Enjoy vacationing in Krabi with your family. Get to participate in all the family-friendly activities in the area. Moreover, get to introduce your family to conservation methods and learn more about the culture.

Best hotel in Krabi for family

Finding a family hotel in Krabi a few years back could have proved to be a difficult task. But of late you can find family-friendly hotels within a few steps. What makes the best hotel in Krabi for a family? This is a question for most parents around the globe. A family hotel in Krabi needs to be able to cater to your needs and that of your children. You do not want to be spending your vacation in a hotel that has zero activities for your children. This hotel is one of the best bike-friendly hotels in the area. The hotel has activities that are fun to do as a family. Not to mention great bike parking when you are not using the bikes.

One of The Beach Hotels in Ao Nang Beach

Walking down a beach is one of the amazing feelings you get to experience on vacation. Imagine having to enjoy this while riding a bike. If you want to enjoy a million dollar view, book a room in a hotel in ao nang beach. These hotels allow you to experience the amazing sunsets and breathtaking sunrise at the porch of your hotel room. Treat yourself to a romantic getaway by enjoying a hotel in ao nang beach experience. Try out all the fun activities at your disposal at a pocket-friendly price.

Moreover, the beaches are family friendly and give you the marvellous spectacular bonding time with your family. Enjoy the view of waves at your disposal and all the water activities like surfing. For that over the moon experience with your family try the diving experience around the beach.

Support Green tourism in Thailand

When you think of the term “green,” you associate it with the environment. Everybody is aiming at improving the environment one way or the other. The hotel is not left behind in this experience. Introducing green tourism in Thailand ensures that the environment and wildlife are protected.

Moreover, you also enjoy turtle watching and the marvellous views of the coral reefs. Then you might be one of the many people who would do anything to keep the lovely nature intact. Green tourism in Thailand introduces convention places to secure the endangered turtles and ensure that they have a long life and not harmed.

Furthermore, the hotel helps in coral reef conservation. This ensures that you and your future generation get to enjoy the nature view. Also, some programs allow you to participate in this marvellous activities.

Sustainable Tourism Scene in Thailand

The introduction of sustainable tourism in Thailand allows you to experience the cultural and social beliefs of the area. Many businesses participate in teaching and showing you the cultural experiences if the area. They take part in flood prevention and water conservation programs which allow you to experience paddy growing first hand. Sustainable tourism in Thailand aims at improving the food security as well as show you the improved methods of agriculture. This experience shows you there is more to vacationing than just sunsets and massages.


Enjoy your vacation in this Krabi hotel in Thailand. This experience will leave you yearning for more time in the area. Additionally, in this vacationing, you learn to appreciate the culture.

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