10 Cleaning Tips For Pet Owners

cleaning tips for pet ownersWho doesn’t love to have a clean home, but of course not at the cost of our furry friends? All pet owners have to constantly face the battle of having a spotless home but they often end up with a house full of fur! With our cute-little-furry buddies around, learning some quick cleaning tips become a necessity. As a pet owner you can surely wage a war against all pet hair and dirt if you learn some very handy cleaning skills. Having a clean home with pets around is difficult to have but not unattainable if you have appropriate tools, equipment and cleaning know-how.

Here are some quick tips to keep your house impressively clean even after having those furry-balls running all around the place.

  1. Regular grooming- Grooming your furry pal regularly is the best solution to avoid endless house cleaning work. Keeping pet hair under control is a never ending challenge and de-furring of certain areas are vital. To clean pet hair in order to reduce the cleaning load, regularly scheduled pet grooming is critical.
  2. Cleaning of toys and bowls- Warm soapy water can do wonders in cleaning your pet’s utensils, collars and toys. Regular cleaning of water and food bowls are important in order to avoid any bacterial build ups. For the well being and good health of your pet and also the other family members, overall hygiene is essential.
  3. Carpet and upholstery cleaning- If you own a pet you must be thinking, “There HAS to be a way out of this furry mess!!”. Well, there are a wide range of best vacuums for pet, that can actually save your day. Handheld or Lint roller vacuums are capable of picking up hair and dirt from any kind of surface. For cleaning up pet hair on the fly, rely on these hand held vacuums. Lint rollers can be used on any surface after vacuuming, to pick up any left out dirt or hair.
  4. Let the dirt be away from the doors– After playing outside for a while, the pets tend to bring in a lot of dirt and dust along.  If you do not want to spend the rest of your day scrubbing the house, keep a good quality doormat or towel and some water by the door to wipe the dirt off your muddy-buddy. Pets can also be trained to use these doormats for wiping off their tiny paws.
  5. Deodorize with white vinegar and baking soda– Vinegar is the best absorbent for any lingering smell. You can fill a spray bottle with this magic ingredient and simply spray on any stain or area that has that pesky smell. Vinegar will make all the bad odors disappear in just no time. Baking soda is another wonder substance for cleaning the bed of your pet. It has anti-bacterial properties and it can easily neutralize any kind of smell. These simple cleaning tips for pet related stuff can create a huge difference in the time you spend cleaning.
  6. Regular brushing- Most pets do shed hair on a regular basis. Brushing your furry pets a couple of times per week can make a huge difference in bringing down your cleaning hassles. Vets can be contacted to understand the tool required, as every breed has different amount of hair and requires a different hair management regime. Dog brushing also gives you an excellent bonding time, as every dog loves pampering, just like us humans!!
  7. Simple clean throws– To safeguard all your antique furniture and expensive carpets, do get some easy clean throws. You would want your shiny sofa to shine even more with your darling pet sitting on it. So let your pet hop-on any household furniture without worrying about those paw-prints. Also, when dirty, just toss-on these cleans in a washing machine and they are ready to be used again.
  8. Robot Vacuum– These are the best vacuum for pet hair and hardwood floors and are commonly known as RUMBA. For all you pet owners this robot is a blessing in disguise. This robotic vacuum is far more efficient than your regular vacuum machine and can save you oodles of time that you might otherwise spend crazily cleaning around your house.
  9. Home stain removers should be handy– You can easily DIY a home stain remover by mixing hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, and baking soda or 1/2 white vinegar 1/2 water solution.
  10. Rubber gloves– Dish-washing rubber gloves can aid you in removing pet hair from your furnishing. Just rub these on the dirty site and then simply soak these gloves in water to get rid of all the sticky hair and dirt on it.
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