Take A Green Camping Trip This Year

Camping is a great way to enjoy the very best of nature. It’s also a fantastic way to spend a trip as it really encourages you and your fellow travelers to enjoy various outdoor activities that can help keep you fit and active. However, you shouldn’t take your time away camping for granted. Sure, you are on vacation, but you still have some responsibilities that you will need to take care of. For instance, you need to make sure that your camping trip doesn’t impact too heavily on nature and the environment.

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There are many ways you can ensure that your camping trip is green and as eco-friendly as possible. Here are a few ideas.

Use Public Transport

Most people drive to the campsite where they will be pitching their tent, but this obviously isn’t that environmentally friendly. It’s a much better idea to get to your destination by using public transport. For instance, you could take the bus or train. Don’t worry if you won’t be able to get to a campsite by these methods. You could instead look for a car-share option.

Limit Use Of Campfires

One of the most iconic images of camping has to be the traditional campfire. When we think of camping, I’m sure that most of us conjure up an image of toasting marshmallows in the flames and singing camping songs around the fire. However, these fires can often be dangerous for the immediate surroundings. Lots of camp fire lawyers will tell you that these fires can quickly become dangerous and spread. So, try to limit your use of campfires and make sure that you are very responsible with them.

Use Non-Toxic Sprays

If you are taking any sprays, such as bug repellent and sunscreen, then you need to make sure that they are non-toxic. Look for sprays that don’t release any dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere as persistent use of these can affect the climate. It’s also best to look for naturally made products so that they don’t pose an immediate danger to any local wildlife.

Take Solar Lanterns

When you are packing your camping equipment, make sure that all lanterns and torches are powered by solar power. Don’t worry – these still work in the dark! You just need to make sure that they charge through the day so that they can take in all of that natural sunlight. As these don’t use any electricity or batteries, you will be saving a lot of power by using green and renewable energies.

Leave No Trace

When you pack up your camp to go home, be sure to take everything with you so that there is no trace whatsoever of your nights under the stars. Pick up all your litter as leaving this behind is actually a criminal offence. Not only is it a crime, though, but it could also pose a danger to wildlife.

But above all, enjoy your eco-friendly time camping in the great outdoors. I’m sure you will have a great time!

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