7 Reasons Camping is Beneficial to Your Health

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The summer offers a perfect opportunity for family vacations, hiking, fishing and of course camping. We all know what an awesome activity camping can be. It provides time away from our busy schedules and daily stress from work. Learn more about camping with this beginner camping guide by outdoor with j. Campgrounds offer the ideal environment where all these fun activities can be practised altogether. Camping is fun even in rains, however, it is important that you be more careful and follow a checklist for rain camping.

According to scientists, the human generation is becoming less healthy every day given the food we eat and the activities we engage in throughout. Camping make a good adventure regardless of your hobby. Engulfed in the midst of nature with no cell connectivity makes you forget all your sorrows forcing some wild delight run down your spine. Fun aside, camping also brings some health benefits as well. Here are some of the health and mental benefits of camping.

  1. Adequate Exposure to Sunshine.

In the normal life, we operate in workstations that are air-conditioned. We get very limited time in the direct sunlight. This is a better source of vitamin D compared to our diets. Vitamin D strengthens our bones and teeth by helping in the absorption of calcium and phosphorous into our bodies.

However, it is good to take the necessary precautions against too much sunlight. You can have your hats, and sunscreens o reduce the risk of skin cancer. You should also bring enough water with you during the camping activities for hydration purposes (1).

  1. Improves Social Health.

Camping offers an opportunity for friends and family to come together. A healthy family needs to observe the five L’s very which are learning, love, loyalty, leadership, and laughter keenly. These are perfectly achieved on a camping day. The kids learn how to set campfires as the parents’ guide, and as you sit around the campfire, you can feel some family love and fill the air with laughter as you tell stories. It creates some of the best memories in life.

The members can then find time for face to face communications away from the phones and social media. Camping might also boost your problem-solving skills. This happens during the minor disagreements that arise during camping and which have to be worked out immediately (2).

  1. Camping Is a Good Way of Reducing Stress From Our Minds.

Stress is usually attributed to falling in oxygen levels, low levels of serotonin, and unstable levels of melatonin in our bodies. Going outdoors and engaging in activities like reading your favorite novel under a tree or in front of a lake is an excellent way of relieving stress. Nature is a great mood booster. While camping it is advisable to stay away from your phones.

This is a sure way of unplugging from the social media stress as well as staying away from work. It withdraws you from all your daily stressing activities. Remember, too much stress puts you at risk of certain conditions like sleep disturbance and nightmares, cardiovascular problems and digestive issues like ulcers. Camping reduces your exposure to the stress-causing activities (3).

  1. Lots of Exercises Thus Burning Down Calories.

According to medical experts, most of the health problems we experience today are as a result of lack of exercise. Spending the whole day on the desk or the couch is taking people to their graves without noticing. Some of the camping activities like walking, cycling, and swimming are aerobic activities which stimulate the rate of metabolism in your body. This allows the body organs such the heart, lungs, and muscles a good exercise.

The events also will enable some work out which results in burning down some extra calories in our bodies. The trek to the campsite, moving around collecting some firewood for the campfire or even the stretch while setting up the tent is just as good as going to the gym and is far much better than lazing on that couch (4).

  1. Good Night Sleep

Do you suffer from lack of sleep? Camping might be the medication you have been looking for. According to research by the University of Colorado Boulder in 2013, camping can re-set our biological clocks by adjusting our sleeping habits. After completing the jogging and climbing and the numerous physical activities, you can be certain of a peaceful night whether you sleep outside or inside a tent for camping.

Encompassed with the fresh air all day full of relaxation and the sun touching on our skin falling asleep will be very easy and quick. The best part is being away from home, and with the right sleeping gear will give you a night with very little disturbance to keep you up. The benefits of a sound sleep include reduced irritation, improved cardiovascular system and also helps you to stay attentive all day.

The peaceful camp sleeps also help improve your sleep cycles even after resuming your normal life. The yellow flame from the campfire raises the levels of melatonin, a substance secreted in the body that regulates sleep (5). For a more exclusive and comfortable sleep, you may want to try the Best Truck Bed Tent for Camping.

  1. Fresh Air Which is Good for Our Respiratory System

Camping grounds are mainly situated away from the city. The main reason is to keep you away from the daily hustle and bustle of the town along with the constant air and noise pollution. The environment around the campsites is usually filled with clean air from the surrounding trees. The air delivers sufficient oxygen to your body cells thus increasing energy production in the body.

The body also functions with less strain when there is enough oxygen. Your brain is thus stimulated to perform better and initiate the release of serotonin which lowers stress levels and raises your moods. Research also indicates that spending more time outdoors goes a long way in improving not only your blood pressure but also your digestion thus boosting your immune system (6).

  1. Good Food

Camping provokes our survival instincts by limiting our food options to those that can be prepared using the campfire or camping grill. Some people prefer taking packed foods when they go camping. However, our grandfathers who discovered this camping thing or whatever they called it then, were fond of surviving on the wild diet. They would fish and hunt for food.

Today, if you tried their way you are likely to enjoy large amounts of proteins and healthy fats on your trip, you will eat food which is free from preservatives and unnatural ingredients. For instance, you get to enjoy Granola, natural berries, and fruits, fish, oatmeal among other food options that lack bad fats. The process involved in getting the food and preparing them like fishing, hunting, and slaughtering of the animals also makes the trip more adventurous (7).


Many campers are very healthy, physically and mentally fit and most of all very happy. These are some of the benefits of staying outdoors. The bottom line is, camping and enjoying nature gives us awesome memories along several health benefits. It gives you a chance to taste the world of our grandfathers. A life with no iPhones and no junk food offers you an opportunity to focus with limited distractions so that we can clear our minds before resuming to our healthy lives with relaxed minds. What more can one ask for?

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