How Can You Benefit From the Urine Test?

benefits of urine test
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The most common thing that comes to mind when the topic of urine test comes up is drug testing or pregnancy testing for women. However, urine testing is used for a lot more than testing for illegal substances in the body today. In fact, many of us have given urine samples for medical tests in hospitals at one time or another. Urine testing is no longer a preserve of doctors and law enforcement- you can buy your own urine testing kit and use it at home for all sorts of test. So, how can you benefit from the urine test?

What is the urine test and what does it entail?

A urine test is scientifically referred to as a urinalysis and is used to detect substances, chemicals,and infections by testing specific things ion the urine. It involves looking at the appearance, concentration, and content of urine. Generally, urinalysis is for illegal drug testing and for diagnosing disease.

Urinalysis is can be done using chemical or physical means or both to screen urine for disease- the testing agents react with the urine to detect abnormal levels of whatever chemical compounds are being tested. It is a reliable and quick process that has moved from hospitals to the home by self-testing being made available.

The field of urine testing has improved in leaps in the past few years to a point where you do not need to be a doctor to carry out a urine test. There are many companies catering to individuals like you who want to test urine every now and then for one of the many reasons- drugs, infections or health monitoring. Entities like are demystifying urine testing by making it simpler, affordable and accessible to the ordinary person by making and selling products for everyday use at home.

Here are the benefits of the urine test

Diagnosing a medical condition

You no longer need your doctor to diagnose a medical condition which can be detected by testing urine. Testing for urinary tract infections and other medical conditions can be done by urinalysis.

Monitoringoverall health

As you well know, urine has a lot of health information regarding what is happening chemically in your body which makes it one of the best for monitoring health to ensure that you are healthy and to help detect problems early.

Monitoring a medical condition

In circumstances where you are already suffering from a medical condition and are on treatment, or if you have recovered and do not want a recurrence of a medical condition, urine testing can help you to monitor your body for progress, status or recurrence of some diseases.

Pregnancy testing

Urine testing is now the most common source of pregnancy confirmation for many women in the world. All they have to do when they suspect pregnancy is to buy a pregnancy kit and test at home which looks at the levels of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) to determine pregnancy.

Drug testing

If you have someone in the family who needs monitoring for drugs or want to monitor and ensure that your kids are not engaging in the abuse of any illegal or harmful substances, a urine test is the best option you have.

Methods of urine testing

Urine testing is generally categorized as into three:

Microscopic urine exam

Microscopic testing screens for abnormalities in thered or white blood cells, which would be an indication of the existence or onset of infections, kidney disease, infectious bacteria, epithelial cells- a sign of cancer, or blood disorders

Dipstick urine test

A treated plastic stick is dipped into a urine sample and the color of the dipstick changes depending on what is present in the urine. This test is common for protein tests, urine concentration tests, pH and acidity testing, sugar testing, blood information etc.

Visual urine exam

The thirdmethod is by simply looking at the urine and a lot can be deduced from what it looks like: cloudy urine can mean an infection, smelly urine is a sign of infection and reddish or brownish urine could suggest the presence of blood in the urine sample.


There you have it, a brief overview to answer the question- How can you benefit from the urine test.

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