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6 Smart Tips For Managing Your Anxiety

anxiety stress pressure tenseThe advent of mental health awareness has been extremely beneficial to most people out there. Everyone now recognizes the symptoms when something is just not quite right with them.  One of the more common problems that people now recognize is anxiety.

Generalized anxiety is a mental health problem for which you should consult a therapist. Sometimes it is so severe that the only way you can correct it through medication and supplementation. Now, we will be giving you some of our best tips here, but none of these should replace any medication you are on or visits to the therapists. These tips are best applied with you make use of them along with your therapy sessions and regular medication.

So with that being said, here are our best tips for managing your anxiety:


Meditation is a practice which has been relevant for thousands of years now. We see meditation most commonly amongst Buddhist monks, but other religious and spiritual individuals have also taken meditation to the next level and evolved it as an art overall.

Essentially, all kinds of mediation require you to empty your mind of all unnecessary thought and then focus on something. You can visualize success or happiness; you can motivate yourself, you can organize your thoughts and learn to worry less, or just prevent your anxiety from going out of control.

Now, just like any other type of therapy, you should not expect to get better after meditating just once or twice. You have to commit yourself to the art and do it regularly. Eventually, you will begin to see favorable results, and you will watch our anxiety subside.

Get Some Physical Exercise

Another way to curb your anxiety is by making use of physical exercise. Physical exercise doesn’t necessarily have to be hours slaved away at the gym, there are many other ways to practice it! You can go for a brisk walk or a jog, you can dance, you can do Yoga, or you can play sports.

The reason why physical exercise works so well is that it makes you very productive. If you spend fifteen minutes every morning working out, you can easily spend the rest of your day on maximum energy. You will have the will and the energy to get through your daily chores and feel accomplished.

Sometimes, this feeling of accomplishment can pull us right out of our anxious zone and put us in a calm and collected place. So exercising every day can easily put your anxiety at bay!

Organize Your Time

Another reason why anxiety strikes is that we do not organize our time or schedule. So even if we have small tasks to handle, they form one, giant ball of tension in our minds and haunt us, day and night.

The best way to get rid of this ball of tension is by clearing our minds and focusing one thing at a time. What you can do is take a daily planner, a journal, or an app, and plan out your day. Allot times for everything you need to achieve during the day and leave just enough margin to take a breather and not be overwhelmed.

This technique of organizing your day is tried and tested. You just have to know that once you start focusing on one task, that task should be the only thing on your mind. Only when you are finished with it should you think about other things.

It also helps to start your day by achieving something small and easy and then snowball your way into more daunting tasks. This way, you build up quite a bit of confidence to move on ahead with the day.

Also, keep in mind to make a to-do list of everything you have to do. Keep checking off the things you have done so that you keep feeling better throughout the day.

Take a Real Break

Procrastination and anxiety go hand in hand. Remember that procrastination is not equivalent to taking a break. This is because when you procrastinate, the problems that you have to tackle are constantly haunting you. Because these problems are always at the back of your mind, you will neither feel relaxed nor accomplish anything.

So if you are not in the mood for working, take an actual break. Tell yourself that it is a break and that you are not allowed to think about work at this time. You can also time yourself but make sure you give yourself enough time in the break to get things done.

Another thing you should remember is that you should always do something that relaxes you in this break time. Watch a movie, go out for ice cream, watch a few episodes of your current favorite show, the possibilities are endless!

Talk To Your Buddies

Friends help you out when it seems that no one can. Sometimes we get anxious because we believe that we are behind everybody else. Their conditions seem so much better than ours, and that breaks us.

If you ever feel like this, talk to a couple of buddies. Some of them might be able to help you through your difficult time. Some others can tell you about anything that they seem to be going through. You might get to see that everyone is more or less in the same boat as you and maybe then you will not feel left out. So keep your buddies real close!


Lastly, you can always try to use different supplements for treating your anxiety. One thing that has always worked for me is chamomile tea. Drink it before going to bed for a long, restful sleep and wake up in your best possible mood.

Other than that, you can even try using kratom for anxiety. Even though there is not too much research supporting claims of kratom treating anxiety, most people who use it have offered promising reviews. You can visit BKC for more information.

There are other herbs and essences that you can make use of, like lavender, frankincense, and even cannabis that is high in CBD for relieving your anxiety.

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