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Boca Raton Plumbers Show How to Reduce Your Water Usage

how to reduce your water usageYou might save a few dollars on your water bill every month if you reduce your usage. But what’s more rewarding is knowing the ecological impact you’re having. Most people don’t know how reducing your water usage helps save the environment and in this article Boca Raton Plumbers show you why it matters.

Saving Resources

It takes a lot of resources to get water to you. To start with, only .5% of the planet’s water is available for drinking and using. Getting that water to you takes a lot of machinery, electricity, gas, and money. By reducing your water spending, you’re also reducing the impact you’re having on the environment via water harvesting.

Prep Time

Our population is constantly growing while our available water supply stays the same. The danger is that droughts and water shortages are becoming all too common these days. Some of the most notable ones have been the California drought which lasted for years and that time last year when South Africa literally ran out of water.

Conserving water keeps your local area prepared in case of an emergency.

5 Tips to Reduce Your Water Usage and Bill

So how do you reduce your water usage without going out of your way? Here are a few tips:

First, take shorter showers. We know you love singing or having deep moments of introspection in the shower but saving your environment might be a tad more important. According to US News, you can conserve 3,000 gallons of water by reducing your shower time by 3 minutes. Those are some huge savings!

There’s also a simple trick that will save gallons of water without taking anything away from you and that’s turning off the faucet while you shave or brush your teeth. Too many Americans leave water running nonsensically. Some people, for convenience sakes, fill up a cup to rinse their teeth after so that they never have to turn the faucet back on.

The third tip is use a dishwasher instead of hand washing dishes. Hand washing dishes is horribly inefficient when it comes to water usage. In fact, switching to a dishwasher will save you hundreds of dollars each year. To be extra eco-friendly, make sure to only use your dishwasher when you have full loads. The same principle can be applied to laundry machines – only run them with full loads.

Next, make sure to patch up any leaks. That little drip from your faucet or that pipe in your basement really adds up over time. Leaks are the #1 source of water wasting across America simply because too many people neglect them. Often times a small leak can lead to a plumbing emergency due to negligence and degeneration.

Our final tip is to install water conserving technology wherever you can. Start by installing a low or dual flush module for your toilet. These modules only use 1.6 gallons for every flush – this reduces toilet water usage by 70% and incredibly, household usage by 30%.

The next amazing piece of technology is the water saving shower head. These shower heads are low-flow but maintain pressure so you can hardly tell the difference. The incredible feature of these shower heads is that they only use about 2.5 gallons of water per minute.

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