Las Vegas Electricians Reveal How to Prevent Electrical Fires

Over 25,000 homes burn down because of electric fires every year, yet, nobody talks about how to prevent these fires. The reason why they matter is because these fires are catastrophic for the environment. For example, in light of the recent California fires, PGEC, a major California utility company is filing for bankruptcy after being sued for causing the major fires.

Every house burned down needs to be replaced. Everything that burned with it from the cars to the furniture to the electronics releases pollutants and carcinogens into the air and you guessed it, needs to be replaced.

The truth is that these fires aren’t caused by anything complex, they’re caused by the simple things. The reason why writing an article about this is worth it is because all it takes is easy fixes to solve a big problem.

The good news is that just about anyone can take the precautions necessary to prevent an electrical fire. In this article, Las Vegas electricians show you how to prevent electrical fires.

Overloaded Sockets and Circuits

 The 21st century has brought a plethora of electronics with it. And it’s pretty easy to go around your house and plug an electronic into virtually every socket. But, a circuit is only designed to handle so much and overloading is dangerous. If you have a lot of electronics in one area, the safe thing to do is to get an inexpensive surge protection device or to install more outlets. Overloaded circuits lead to fires, remember that.

Electricity and Water

Nope – we’re not going to reference the cliche about a woman using a hair dryer in the bathtub. Instead, consult with an electrician to make sure that all electrical sockets near a water source such as kitchens and bathrooms have a GFCI. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters are specifically designed for electricity being used near water sources.

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Don’t Neglect Your Electronics

 Although electronics don’t have abandonment issues, you still should not abandon them. A common source of house fires are from devices such as space heaters being left on without anyone supervising them. Leaving electronics running in areas such as the kitchen or bathroom are especially dangerous and the number 1 source of house fires. So reduce your electric bill and keep your family safe all in less than 5 minutes of work.

Don’t Leave Gasoline Near Electrical Outlets

If it sounds silly, it’s because it is. But people leave highly flammable objects like curtains, drapes, sofas etc…pretty much dangling over electrical outlets. Chances are if you’re like most people, that if you swing your chair around right now you’ll see a flammable object near an electrical outlet. Make sure the objects near your outlets aren’t prone to combustion – maybe it’s time for some redecorating?

Update Your Electronics

Stop using expired electronics. Over time electronics degrade which increases the risk of using them. Make sure to upgrade your toaster or fan once ever millennia. Take it a step further and get cooler looking electronics so that you can decorate and upgrade your house all while making it safer!

Get an Inspection

The best way to prevent an electrical fire is to have a professional inspect your home. Electricians are going to catch things that an untrained eye won’t. It’s much more cost efficient to schedule an inspection than to rebuild your home from ashes. Plus, it’s a lot less dramatic. Schedule an inspection today to see all the ways your house could potentially go up in flames and to prevent them!

In Closing

I think you can get on board with the idea of not having your house burn down. And if this is the case, then take the next 15 minutes to fix up your house with some of the tips above and prevent the next case of social Darwinism. If you’re really determined to not become another statistic, then get a professional electrician to come inspect your house and make sure that it’s up to standard.

Protect your environment, protect your home, protect yourself, and protect our family – take a few precautions to have life lasting results.

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