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What to Consider Before Purchasing Solar Panels

Different Dallas roofers say, an increased focus on preserving the environment in the last decades has led to a boost in the purchase and use of residential solar panels. Thanks to the increase in popularity, prices for solar roofing options have become more and more affordable. If you’re in the market for solar panels, take a few minutes to consider the following factors that may help you in your decision making.

Energy Consumption

Some of us are blessed with very small households that consume minimal amounts of energy on a monthly basis. While some of us have large families that seem to consume gobs of energy resulting in high monthly bills no matter how hard we try to conserve. If your energy bill doesn’t seem to waver much, no matter how hard you try to save energy, solar panels may be an excellent option for you.

Roof Position and Condition

When roofing contractors examine your roof for solar panel suitability, they may tell you the best roofs are those that are south facing and are composed of composite shingles or concrete tiles. That being said, they can work with a variety of conditions.

Some roofs that aren’t the best suited for solar panels are those that are flat, have a steep pitch, or are surrounded by trees that prevent sunlight from reaching the house. In these situations, solar panels won’t be able to work to 100% capacity, resulting in less efficiency and reduced energy savings. Roofs that are 15 years or less from needing a replacement are also not good candidates for solar panel installation due to their age.

Geographic Area

Not all areas of the United States are great choices for solar panels. Any place that does not experience a sufficient number of sunny days, and receives a good deal of rain and cloud cover would not be a good candidate for solar panels. The best places are those in the Southwest, and even pockets of the Northeast, to name a couple. Talk to a solar panel professional in your area to find out if your climate will allow for the energy savings you’re looking for from solar panel installation and use.


Lastly, your budget can have a significant impact on your decision whether or not to invest in solar panels. They have come down in price for sure, but the upfront cost can be substantial before the savings in energy costs can be recuperated. Some states do offer tax breaks and other incentives to help absorb the burden of solar panels. And, solar panels do increase the resale value of your home. Over about twenty years, you can expect to save around $20,000 in energy costs.

Before you jump into the solar panel market game, do your homework. Learn about your area, your home, and your budget versus savings potential. Once you’ve learned the most you can, you’ll be able to decide with confidence. If you choose to install solar panels based on an informed decision, choose a reputable installer with a good reputation.

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