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Are Off Grid Homes Worth the Extra Effort? YES!

Many people are looking for ways to steer away from grid power sources. Here’s a quick guide to why off grid homes may be worth your effort.

In 2018, 62 million households were off-grid homes. By 2020, that number is estimated to reach 99 million.

There are various reasons why people want an off-grid house. There are financial, political and security reasons. But what kind of benefits come when you get off the grid? Read on to find out.

What Does it Mean to Live Off the Grid?

Off-grid homes have no connection to any utility companies or outside sources. All the power that home uses is generated by the house or the people in it.

Off-grid power systems operate independently from power lines. Off-grid houses can get their energy from solar power, hydropower or wind systems.

Here are various benefits to using an off-grid power system for your home.

Financial Advantages to Off-Grid Homes

There are various financial benefits of going green.

With off-grid homes, you don’t ever get an energy bill in the mail. No water bill, gas bill or the hydro bill will show up in your mailbox.

The rising cost of energy bills has put many Americans in difficult financial circumstances. By living off the grid, you won’t have to worry about price hikes or about limiting your energy usage so you can afford the bill.

When people live off the grid, they tend to spend less money on superfluous things. Most are able to eliminate their debt and live on less.

Also, there are various government incentives for installing solar panels on your property such as a federal tax credit.

Sustainable Lifestyle

When you live off the grid you conserve resources and are self-sufficient. You produce what you need.

You lead a sustainable lifestyle that won’t cause you to go into debt or use more resources than you need.

You can invest in power generators for sale to power your home without relying on utility companies.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

You can make a huge impact on lowering global emission rates. Climate change is a global problem that isn’t being resolved by government leaders.

Yet, individuals can make a difference. Over a 30 year period, a personal wind turbine will offset 200 tons of greenhouse gases.

Also, you will conserve and recycle or reuse more of your materials you need to live. That will also cut down on the excess waste that countries produce each year.

Connect with Nature & Breath Easier 

You can live a joyful and peaceful life surrounded by natural beauty when you live off the grid. You not only enjoy your rural landscape but also live a simple life of growing and preserving your food and doing more by hand.

You will also live in a rural setting away from the pollution and noise of urban settings. You’ll have less exposure to environmental pollution.

In the end, you will have a satisfying and fulfilling life when you live off the grid.

Learn About Alternate Fuels 

Living off the grid will force you to learn about alternates to fossil fuels.

Learning how to harness power from the sun or wind is a good skill to have. You may even use it to benefit others. More and more people and organizations are looking for ways to move away from fossil fuels.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading all about off-grid homes. We hope this article has given you a good idea of some of the many benefits of living off the grid.

Next, learn how to maximize your return on investment on solar panels.

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