Unique Ideas for Eco-Friendly Interior Design

It is becoming increasingly evident that the world we live in is endangered. We are aware of the ozone layer being destroyed by greenhouse gases and that we are pillaging our natural resources at record rates. The earth will not be able to sustain life as we know it going into the future and this is why everything from construction to interior design is an important factor when buying or renovating a home. Are you looking for ways to go green? Maybe you should start with unique ideas for your next interior design project on your home.

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Resawn Timbers Give New Meaning to Recycling

One of the most interesting ways of using recycled materials in interior design is the use of bits of lumber which were taken from buildings with historical significance. Some of the lumber used in these buildings is no longer used within the construction industry because of its scarcity and other times it just makes for a great conversation piece.

Timbers are carefully taken from older buildings as they are being torn down to make way for the new. Why send this precious lumber to sawmills to be used as wood chips or pellets when it can be repurposed to give beauty and meaning to hardwood flooring? If you haven’t seen just how lovely recycled lumber is when used in flooring, check out the Manomin Resawn Timbers website. Reclaiming timber is one of the most innovative ways to go eco-friendly in interior design. See for yourself!

Use Only Natural or Biodegradable Materials

There was a time when homeowners went for anything and everything synthetic, primarily because of cost. It is obviously much less expensive to lay a linoleum floor than it is a hardwood floor but that is only the initial cost to be concerned with. Most synthetic flooring doesn’t hold up to wear as does hardwood or stone tiles and synthetics are destroying our planet. They are not biodegradable and are quickly filling up our landfills.

From countertops to flooring, synthetics are quickly becoming a thing of the past when it comes to sustainable home décor. When choosing fabrics for upholstery, why not choose cotton, bamboo or even silk if it’s within the realm of what you can afford? Not only will you be doing your part to bring the planet back into stasis but you will have interior design that is a cut above the norm.

Little Odds and Ends Make a Difference

Did you know that there are even environmentally safe paints on the market today? What about the amount of electricity it takes to brighten a room at night? Use lighter colors and you will find that you can use fewer lights to keep areas well lit. Window treatments can also help you keep your use of climate control to a minimum and water-efficient toilets, showerheads and faucets can help you use less fresh water. What about your washing machine? Is it a high efficiency model? All these little odds and ends can make a huge difference in interior design. Choose your appliances and building materials carefully and you will have a lovely finished product that will help improve our planet for future generations.

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