Liven Up Your Home For Less

Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint, new furniture or even a brand new bathroom or kitchen, we’re all guilty of dreaming up new ways to reinvent our homes. For most people, the expense of redesigns is discouragement enough to curtail their plans (in some cases, indefinitely). But what if I told you there are a host of changes you can make to your home that will not only improve its look, but also pay financial dividends in the long-term. To introduce you to some of these money-savvy changes, we have put together this post.

Damp proofing

Allowing water to seep into your home can be an extraordinarily costly mistake. Even an innocuous looking damp patch can become an extremely serious problem. Penetrating damp will slowly work its way further and further through your home’s walls, becoming more and more damaging. At its most benign, penetrating damp will cause minor water damage. Left alone though, it can easily accelerate into a far more serious problem: mould. Mould has been linked with a variety of respiratory diseases so, not only is it a visual blight on your home, it also poses a major health risk.

So, how can you prevent damp from affecting your home? Cracked external walls are the most likely culprit. A cost-effective solution is to hire a team to cover your property’s exterior in weatherproof paint. If you are considering covering your home with exterior wall coatings, get in touch with All Weather Coating. They have coatings available in a range of textures and shades, any of which will liven up your home’s exterior while imbuing it with the durability it needs to resist the tumultuous winter weather.

Draught excluders

Properly positioned, draught excluders can brighten up your home’s interior while helping it to retain precious heat. For less than a tenner, you can pick up an elegantly designed and vibrantly coloured draught excluder online or in shops. They are available in a range of shapes, sizes and colours and, as such, you can purchase one that aligns with your own tastes.

More importantly though, a draught excluder will eliminate the draughts that plague your home and unnecessarily siphon away warmth. Heating your home costs money and every little bit of warmth should be retained if possible. Draught excluders are an exceptionally inexpensive, straightforward and stylish way to do just that. Sometimes the least high-tech changes can have the biggest impact.

Keeping water out of your home and keeping warmth in your home sounds like exceptionally obvious goals, but it is the way that you go about accomplishing these tasks that makes all the difference – both financially and environmentally. Painting your property’s exterior requires a not insubstantial investment, but in the long-term, it is bound to prove a savvy move. It’ll bring a new lease of life to your home aesthetically and protect it from exorbitantly costly damage for decades. Similarly, draught excluders can add something new to your home visually while minimising the amount of money and energy you’ll waste on heating.

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