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Tips for Choosing an Eco-Friendly Mattress

Thinking of a comfortable and soft mattress or bed is just easy. Sometimes, when purchasing, it’s aesthetics and designs came first through our mind regardless if it is safe or not. Next one will be its size if it is enough for us or for our family.

But if it involves conserving and helping the environment, choosing an eco-friendly would be another.

Mattress became our best buddy especially when we are feeling tired and want to rest. We just want to lay down our back and want to restore our energies wasted throughout the day. But considering the effect of every material that mattress made of in our daily lives may lead you to either comfort or uneasiness.

Actually, there is really no specific description of eco-friendly. But the first thing that comes to our mind is that being eco-friendly means we should lessen its effect on our mother earth as it is already prone to many unnecessary and destructive things that can destroy it.

To those who are wishing to have an eco-friendly and very helpful in diminishing its impact on our environment, try to consider these tips.

When finding the best and has a very high-quality mattress, look for the materials used

There may be different types of material that can be used in making a mattress and is suggested that you should look for natural materials and an organic mattress. These include cotton and latex that gives you the extra feeling of comfort when lying on it.

The latex is usually highly durable and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) free that’s why it is very healthy and it is also biodegradable. But this kind of material is kind of a little more expensive than other types of mattresses yet it can last its life for twenty years or more.

Look for the production if it is really sustainable and eco-friendly materials

Getting this done is one of the most effective way to choosing an eco-friendly mattress. Checking for the production helps you to investigate further if it is really justifiable and reliable. This considers if it is zero-emissions manufacturing and made of renewable resources.

Follow your nose

We know that inorganic and modern mattresses are made up of some potentially harmful chemicals and other synthetic materials that can cause harmful effects to our respiratory systems and even cause skin irritations. You can justify if it is safe or not by just smelling. Do you experience the unexplained smell when a new mattress is bought from stores? They are actually hazardous and harmful chemicals.

If you want to cut the toxins you’re inhaling while you were sleeping, choosing organic materials is the best option for its smell is not hazardous and risky.

Better be safe than sorry.

Seek for the real credentials

It’s better to look for companies or manufacturers that really produces high and reliable source and can explain clearly regarding the ingredients and were able to point out where the materials are obtained. And for even better, find a certification of those products.

Multi-purpose mattress

Finally, this is not on the mattress, but rather on how you’re using them to be light on the surrounding.

Say, if you have an active lifestyle, live in an apartment or your job requiring constant traveling/moving… consider something more mobility than just any standard mattress.

Those like folding, rollaway, … and inflatable matresses will help you a good night sleep while their mobility is unmatchable. They come and go with you, so no need to dispose and repurchase everytime of a move. To find more about these types of mattress, check out here.


Listed above are just some of the tips that might help you purchase or choose an eco-friendly mattress.

But at the end of the day, it’s always your choice that matters, for your safety. Regarding the options you have, it is still better that you should pick what’s best for your health and reduce the hazardous and harmful things that can greatly affect your health. Everyone deserves to be free from illness and should live our life to the fullest extent we could possibly have.

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