Why Invest in a Pendant Alarm for your Elderly Loved One

Each year more than twelve thousand accidental falls result in injuries and even death among individuals over the age of 60. We want to protect our elderly family members but we cannot always be there. Personal pendant alarms have come along to help fill that gap where you cannot be by your loved one’s side. SureSafe is a leading company in the market providing many options that fit your needs. Their website at PersonalAlarms.org can help you decided which alarm is right for your situation and in turn can give you peace of mind.

Pendant Alarm Types

SureSafe offers different types of pendant alarms with varying levels of protection to meet different needs. With so many features in different combinations, there is sure to be a pendant that fits your loved one’s lifestyle and health needs. Here is a list of features found integrated into the many pendant choices that you can consider:

GPS tracking: It does not matter if they are at the grocery store, out for a walk in the park, or even in front of the house checking their mailbox, the GPS feature can find them. This level of protection will send responders to the correct location. A GPS locator can be especially useful for individuals who may become confused or wander.

24/7 Monitoring: Ultimate peace of mind with constant monitoring. No matter what time of day, you can rest assured there will be someone there if they are needed.

Fall detection: Let’s face it, there may be a time the wearer cannot physically push the alert button on the pendant. That’s where fall detection comes into play. It will alert responders to a fall even without activating the button. Individuals with heart conditions including strokes or those with mobility worries would greatly benefit from this feature. Protect your family members from issues where they need help but cannot reach out to get it.

Mobile Technology: Link up to your mobile phone and receive texts and alerts. If you do not have access to a landline, this feature is a necessity.

Talking Pendant Features: This feature allows the wearer to speak directly with responders. Many other companies sell pendants that need to be near a base in order to have this open line of communication. SureSafe gives you the ability to speak with a responder regardless of your location within the home.


About SureSafe

SureSafe is dedicated to helping your elderly loved ones maintain their quality of life and dignity by giving them a way to maintain their independence. They deliver personal alarms that not only give you peace of mind through safety but peace of mind within your budget too. The alarms are very affordable because the company cuts their overhead by functioning solely online. As a well-established and trusted personal safety company, SureSafe continues to lead the way in protection options to help you keep your friends and family safe. Their products can be viewed at their online site at PersonalAlarms.org.

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