Your 5 Must-Know Rights as a Railroad Worker

railroad workersRailyards, whether for passenger or freight carriers, are chock-full of hazards for railroad workers. From disintegrating walkways to rubble and badly lit bridges, rail workers face unseen threats during work every single day of their lives.

The sad bit is that the only thing that ever reaches the news is when the lives of train passengers are in danger. What about the workers? They are never part of any train accident story, even if they suffer life-threatening casualties.

The problem with Iowa Interstate Railroad and many other rail companies is that their employees are not even aware of their basic rights as railroad workers.  The rights of workers should be common knowledge, but if you’re a railroad worker, there is a high probability that you have no idea about your rights.

In this post, we aim to educate you about your basic rights as a railroad worker so you can deal with difficulties at work.

Your Right To Report An Injury Or Accident

Your seniors or managers may prevent you from reporting an accident or injury you may have suffered during work to protect your safety records. Did you know that the Federal Regulations require injury or accident reporting of each and every employee, especially if they require medical treatments?

Right To See A Doctor Of Your Choosing

Working for Iowa Interstate Railroad doesn’t mean that you should be dealing with the doctors assigned to you by your company. The stress and anxiety of working in a company can often only be managed by a doctor you trust the most. With company doctors, employees may not feel comfortable because these doctors act in the best interest of the company. You have the right to see a doctor that you feel comfortable with.

Right To An Attorney at Iowa Interstate Railroad

If you suffered from an injury while working at Iowa Interstate Railroad, you have the right to consult with an attorney of your choosing. The company may also attempt to assign you an attorney but these attorneys are usually working in the best interest of the company. You can refuse help from these lawyers and have a consultation session with a train accident lawyer you trust.

Right To Refuse Work If Confronted By Hazardous Conditions

You can refuse to work if you sense danger, serious injury, or death resulting from a hazardous condition at work. Your employer, no matter what happens, cannot force you to work under these conditions. If you fear your job may be jeopardized due to refusal, get in touch with a lawyer immediately.

Right To Sue Railroad Company For Money Damages

Did you know that as a railroad worker, you are not covered by Worker’s Compensation? Congress has given all rail workers the right to sue their company if they were injured at work. You have the right to sue the company if you think negligence from the company caused damages to your personal property or health.

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