7 Important Specifications of a Good Generator

Wherever you may live here in the Commonwealth of Australia, it is a good idea to have a reliable backup source for electrical energy.

These mass power outages caused by smothering heat waves are all too common. If we are to survive them at least in minimal comfort, a good generator is practically a must.

They are affordable, and they are portable. They can also be an absolute lifesaver during those extended outages.

The first question that always comes up is which generator should I buy, or what is the best generator. This question has a potentially annoying answer. The generator you should buy is the one that best fits your specific needs.

You must ask yourself how much electrical power you need. What must be kept running, and what can I do without. These answers tell you which generator is the best one for you.

Regardless of your answer, the generator you end up purchasing should have certain safety and operational features. Buying a generator with the following list of desirable features can assure that your ownership experience is pleasurable. Review the list below before you purchase yours.


Generators sit either on frames or stands. Frame mounted models can be difficult to move into place or to relocate. One of the most important features your generator must have is portability.

It must be equipped for movement. You will need to move it into position, and you may need to move it over rough terrain. Wheels enable easier, quicker mobility. Make sure your generator has wheels.

Multiple Outlets

Power access is the main reason you bought the generator to start with. You need multiple outlets to run different electrically powered appliances and household systems.

Make sure your generator has at least four or more outlets. More outlets even out or spread the electrical load or wattage running through the generator. Only use all four outlets at the same time when you must.

Push Button Start

Many generators come equipped with only a manual pull cord start. This starter method can be problematic. Ever had a pull start lawn mower?

If so, you already know what I mean. Make sure your generator has electric or push button starting. You will be glad you did.

Fuel Gauge

Continuing with the lawn mower analogy, have you ever been on a riding mower with no petrol gauge? Have you ever run out of petrol a long way from the refill can?

A fuel gauge ends the annoyance of having to repeatedly check fuel level. Check to be certain your generator has a fuel gauge.

Are you planning to use your generator for extended periods of time? You need to store roughly 45 to 90 liters of petrol for a 24-hour period. Watch the fuel gauge. Remember also to allow the generator to cool off before attempting to refill its tank.

Portable Console

If you buy a generator with a removable console, you can plug your other devices directly into it. Removable consoles eliminate the need to use extension cords. Using extension cords can be hazardous, especially around potential contact with water.

Low Oil Shutoff

An often overlooked generator maintenance practice is regular oil and oil filter changes. Keep this done on schedule, and always check the oil before starting.

Buy only a generator with an automatic low-oil shutoff feature. This feature shuts down the generator when it senses that the oil has dipped below safe operating level.

Inverter Technology

Generators with inverter technology produce better quality electrical power. These generators utilize alternators to first produce alternating current. This alternating current is then converted to direct current.

The direct current then flows through capacitors to clean and smooth it out. The result is a better quality of electrical current similar to what flows through the power grid. A generator with this technology produces more consistent, higher quality current.

This current is ideal for more sensitive devices or appliances. These generators are also not as noisy as generators without this technology. For the highest quality electrical power that will not damage sensitive devices, choose a generator with this technology.

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Additional Tips and Safety Reminders

Fuel Source

Generators are usually petrol users. Most use this fuel, but did you know that they can be modified to use alternate fuels? Some use natural gas, and other models can be converted to it if you desire.

Solar powered generators are still more or less in their infancy. As yet, they cannot produce as much wattage as traditional fuel, but they are getting better. Even now, they are ideal for light use.

Safety Tips

Look for the decibel rating. Excessively noisy generators make it difficult to hear and be heard. This can create unnecessary danger.

Make sure the decibel rating is not higher than the mid 70’s. Believe it or not, actual hearing loss can start at around 85 decibels. Constant exposure to this noise level diminishes hearing capability.

Avoid all water contact with your generator. There is danger of electrocution, and the generator can break down because of water exposure.

Do not feed your generator output into the established electrical grid. Doing so causes the lines to become electrified. Line workers can be injured or killed.

Never run any generator in an enclosed area. Carbon monoxide poisoning is likely to occur. Always make sure to properly vent your generator when in use.

Check and compare warranties. Buy the generator which offers the best protection of your investment. Consider additional warranty protection if you plan to use it frequently and in different locations like job sites.



Use the above buying tips when you shop for your portable generator. They can help you make the best choice.

Choosing the right generator for your needs to start with ensures that you can enjoy it for many years of service. Give it the proper maintenance and care, and it will serve you well.

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