7 Tips to Make Date Night Memorable and Special

date night in natureWith today’s busy schedules, it can be tough to carve out time for date night. But setting aside time with your partner will help keep the passion alive. Whether you’re adventurous or quirky, these creative ideas are sure to add sizzle to your relationship.

Purchase the Hottest Tickets

Your date may have a favorite concert performance, play or live show they’ve been anxiously waiting to see. To ensure your date night is monumental, keep tabs on the Internet and search for upcoming tickets that become available. While you may want to let your date in on your exciting plans, you’ll make the evening even more special by keeping it a secret. If you can’t contain your enthusiasm, think of a unique way to present the tickets such as under a napkin at dinner or inside a romantic card. You can even plan a scavenger hunt or game of clues that will lead up to the special reward.

Plan a Day at the Spa

Between work, family and children, you may devote very little time to yourselves. Why not plan a day at the spa and book a couple’s massage or pedicure? For a date that’s more intimate, how about a DIY spa at home instead? Start by setting the mood for your loved one with candles and soft music. Plan the services you’d like to offer to your partner. Put together a basket of your favorite indulgent treats to enjoy throughout the treatment such as champagne, fluffy robes, chocolate covered strawberries and scented massage oils. Don’t worry about keeping to a strict schedule for date night and simply enjoy the time alone with your partner.

Go Extreme

Couples who are looking to break out of the usual dinner and a movie rut may want to do something physical and daring for a memorable date night. Sign up for a mud run or 5k race. The training sessions leading up to the event will help get you up and off the couch. The endorphins are also sure to wake up your love vibes. As a bonus after training, reward yourselves with a healthy treat such as a stop after your favorite frozen yogurt shop or a by giving each other a foot or back massage. If you’re up for something more adventurous, why not give rock climbing or sky diving a try. Take pictures and make a scrapbook to mark this exciting occasion.

Role Play

Curious about making your fantasies come to life, but you don’t know where to start? Role playing is a sexy way to experiment with your date. Visit a sexy shop online for ideas on costumes, toys and lingerie. While you may feel awkward at first, it can help to share ideas with your partner and do some research beforehand. Be sure to pick role playing scenarios that are pleasing to you both. Instead of saying no right away, give the fantasy at least 15 minutes before putting an end to it. Setting the mood with dim lights and music can also provide the right ambiance for your erotic date night adventure

Show Your Love for Mother Earth

Mother Nature can put on a breathtaking and spectacular show. If you’re looking for something awe-inspiring to do that is sure to stay embedded in your date’s mind, how about a hike through nature. Plan a scenic trail well in advance of your trip. The sights and sounds of Mother Earth can be brilliant no matter what time of year you navigate the terrain. In the fall, you’ll find the leaves bursting with color. Summer and spring are equally breathtaking with flowers in bloom. If you’re more of a cold weather person, lace up your boots and don your hat and scarf at the start of the first snowfall. Put together a picnic basket of goodies to share afterward.

Get Creative

Creativity typically wins out when you’re looking to do something memorable on date night. If you enjoy creating things with your hands, you may want to paint. Paint and sip dates are all the rage, and you don’t need to be a Picasso to create a masterpiece. Here you’ll get to unwind, interact and imbibe with your favorite glass of vino while you paint. Taking a cooking class is another great way to help get your creative juices flowing. Pick a venue with a palate pleasing menu. As you become more culinary savvy, don’t be afraid to experiment with your favorite recipes at home.

Sign Up for Dance Lessons

Dancing is an excellent form of self-expression. Signing up for dance lessons is also a memorable way to spend an evening together. You can learn so much about your date by sharing some dance moves, so choose your classes carefully. Learning the Salsa and Tango are some of the most romantic styles as it allows you to get up close and personal with your partner. If you’re looking for something more classic, you may want to try ballroom dancing. For dates where you want to cut a more casual rug, you may want to try country line dancing.

Maintaining a happy and healthy relationship takes a lot of work. Putting together a memorable and special date can sometimes add to the stress. Thankfully the above ideas will help your date night stand out no matter the size of your budget.

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