6 Natural Ways to Make Your Hair Strong

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Every time you have Every time you have your hair looking dull and lifeless, it reflects on your entire persona for the day. Most times, people will talk about how you are having a bad day, simply because you are having a bad hair day. The good thing about hair is that it can be groomed and maintain for better results. Instead of spending that extra buck on a hair stylist, here are six natural ways to make your hair stronger than it is, and in the long run, healthier and shinier:

Hop onto foods high in biotin

Biotin is such a paramount part of growing healthy hair all over the body. In cases where one has a biotin deficiency, they experience a lot of hair loss, which can even include eyelashes and eyebrows. Increasing your intake of biotin can go a long way in strengthening your mane and improving your hair growth rate. Ideally, the biotin is manufactured by ‘good’ bacteria in the intestines of the human body. Foods that are rich in biotin include carrots, almonds (and other nuts), whole eggs, milk, strawberries, raspberries, and certain vegetables like onions and cucumbers.

Boost your intake of iron

Iron is obviously an essential ingredient for the overall health of a human being. For the most part, in sustaining a healthy circulation. Iron deficiency weakens hair and is the leading cause of hair loss. Indeed, iron deficiency can be fatal to your overall health, with dizziness, fatigue, and anemia being the symptoms. Ideally, enrich your body with iron by investing in iron-rich foods like egg yolks, dried beans, dried fruit, and whole grains.

Eggs and more eggs

Eggs are a rich source of protein, and since hair is built mostly from protein, the eggs are a necessary ingredient in your hair grooming and maintenance process. The intake of eggs in your diet is one way to get the proteins flowing into your hair. Otherwise, consider an egg hair treatment to work on your hair strands and strengthen them directly. You want to ensure that you are applying the egg gently on your scalp and that you are doing so on damp hair. Afterward, consider shampooing your mane with a mild shampoo and warm water.

Avoid strong heat

If there is one way to weaken hair, is to keep applying heat on it. Heat damages the hair strands, sometimes, permanently. Instead of always using heat tools to straighten or curl your hair, opt for natural ways to achieve the same. However, if you have to use heat, ensure it is not as frequent. While at it, apply a heat protectant to cover your strands from excess heat. Also, regulate the temperatures so that you are not operating at very high heat levels.


Dry hair soon grows into fragile hair. In the process of styling and brushing your hair, along with the external environmental conditions, your hair will get drier by the week. If you are not careful to incorporate some moisture in your strands, the dryness will cause weakening of the strands and inevitable breaking. Moisturizing your hair is about using essential oils and conditioners that leave your strands softer, stronger and healthier than ever.

A more natural way to get the moisture to your hair is by drinking tons and tons of water, which is also a plus for your skin and your overall health.

DIY massages with essential oils

The natural oils produced by your scalp are not enough to keep your hair strands strong and protected from breakage. It is why you need a couple of essential oils to get by. Whether your hair is feeling dry or not, essential oils such as olive, rosemary oil, caster, argon, among others are needful. They help replenish the hair strands, rejuvenate the scalp, and repair the damages hairs.

Grab onto a few of those oils every once in a while, mix and warm them a bit. The idea is to massage both your scalp and your hairs with this treatment. Let it sit for a couple of minutes, say 30 to 45, before you rinse it off. Prefer a mild shampoo for the rinse out, so you do not undo all the good you have done with the oils.

All these tips are a little price you have to pay to keep your hair healthy. Visit for more information

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