All You Need to Know About Touring Assisted Living Communities

When you are in search for an assisted living facility, there are factors that you must put into consideration so your loved one will still feel at home even without your presence. It can be time-consuming to look for an assisted living facility that has all the things that your loved one needs. When you schedule a tour, make sure that you check the essential things.

Check the cleanliness of the place

The purpose of the tour is to give you an idea about the level of cleanliness of a certain assisted living facility. Observe if the community feels clean and fresh. Do not just focus on the furnishings as you need to dig deeper by asking the staff how often housekeeping is provided. You need to get the full details of the type of maintenance being given. You should also take note of the response times. Ask for specifics such as the laundry procedures, its availability and its cost.

Follow your nose as it does not lie. Odors can linger in the community if the facility lacks cleanliness. If you notice that the smells are concentrated on a specific area, it is is an indicator of an isolated incident. However, if the odors are all throughout the community, it is an indicator of a bigger problem. You need to ask the manager about the source of the problem.

Schedule a visit during an activity

Activities are a good way for senior residents to interact with each other. When scheduling a tour, make sure that it is in conjunction with any community activity or event. It is a good way for you to observe if the event is well attended and senior residents participate in the activities.

You should also observe if the staff enjoys the activity. You can check the calendar of events so you will know the best time to schedule a tour. Get to know if the activities match the interest of your loved one or if they vary in type and size. Are there any outings and trips away from the assisted living community? You can also inquire about religious services if it is important to you.

Observe the attitude of the staff

You should also pay attention to the staff. Find out if they are friendly to the residents. You also have to know if they are interacting with residents. Are they making eye contact? Do they listen attentively to the residents? When you have a good understanding of the staffing pattern, it will be easy for you to decide if the facility is suitable for your loved one’s needs.

Information like the number of people that are involved in resident’s care, the goals of the property and the type of management should be obtained. These details will help you understand how the management runs the assisted living facility. It will be easier for you to decide when you have all the details you need.

Check the outdoor areas

Senior residents also need some time to go out and enjoy the beautiful weather outdoors. While touring the communities, make sure that you also check the outdoor areas if they are available to residents. Is the area safe and secure? Are there outdoor activities in the area that the residents can participate in? Is the staff also using the area for their breaks? Keep in mind that your loved one should enjoy the time he or she spends outdoors.

Sample the cuisine at the property

One way that you will determine if your loved one enjoys the meals at the assisted living community is when you also eat a meal at the property. Aside from bonding with your loved one, you will also get to meet new residents. You can discuss what the staff does if one of the residents could not make it to the dining room. Ensuring that your loved one is able to enjoy a meal while at the property only means that the entree choices are properly discussed.

Aside from the food, you should also ask about the options and procedures.

Obtain feedback from families and residents

Another way for you to know if the community is resident-friendly is by asking families and residents. If the assisted living community has a website, you can also check if there are online reviews you can read. Getting feedback from families will give you an idea about their impressions. It will also help you decide if you should pursue your decision of moving your loved one  to an assisted living facility.

If you are looking for friendly staff, safe and secure property and empowering community, San Antonio independent living is an option worth considering.

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