Student Guidelines: 6 Websites That Will Help You When Writing an Environmental Research Paper

research paperSo your professor has told you to write an environmental research paper, but you are panicking because you don’t know where to find reliable information for your paper. Well, there is no need to panic because we are going to tell you six websites that have lots of information on the subject of the environment. So keep reading on.

1. Alternatives Journal

Alternatives Journal (A/J) is a magazine and website dedicated to environmental journalism. If you want to know all the latest environmental news, issues, debates, policies and science, this is the place to go. It has been operating since 1971 and is based in Canada. Their mission, as the website states, is to give people a broad understanding of the environment – a mission it does so well. Since 1995, A/J has been the official publication of the Environmental Studies Association of Canada.

The website also doubles as a journal, providing peer-reviewed articles based on scholarly research. You can find great environmental articles on sustainable living, policies, politics, energy, renewable energy, current events, food and culture, and many other interesting environmental topics.

2. International Journal of Environmental Sciences & Natural Resources (IJESNR)

When it comes to all things environmental science, IJESNR is one of the best websites you can access to gather information for your environmental research paper. It is also one of the largest open access journals on the internet, with hundreds of journals that anyone can read and even download in PDF format for free.

IJESNR is part of the Juniper Publishing group, an organization with a mission to advance scientific knowledge that improves people’s lives. On IJESNR, you will find peer-reviewed papers, such as research papers, review papers, opinions, and short communications. IJESNR is one of the most widely-read online journals by researchers and students from all over the world.

3. Questia

Another great site that many people look to for their research and paper writing needs is Questia. This website was set up with the goal to help students access scholarly research from leading experts, mostly in the field of humanities and social sciences. The website has been operating since 1998 and prides itself on providing students with enough information to complete most of their course assignments.

So how can Questia help you with your environmental research paper? The website has a section called Environmental and Earth Sciences. Here, students have access to thousands of high-quality research papers on Environmental and Earth Sciences at their disposal. The articles are grouped into two subcategories: geography and energy. Environmental and Earth Sciences topics students can find articles on air pollution, biodiversity, climate change, deforestation, earthquakes, flooding, meteorology and more.

4. Annual Reviews of Environment and Resources

The Annual Review of Environment and Resources is an online journal that belongs to Annual Review, a non-profit publication that has been around since 1976. Annual Review is dedicated to integrating and synthesizing scientific knowledge for the benefit of all mankind. The organization’s journals are used by many people from across the globe, from researchers and students to business people and even patients. One thing to keep in mind is that the journals on this website are not free.

Now, as for the Annual Review of Environment and Resources, you can find almost anything you need to know about environmental science and engineering. You can find papers on topics such as climate change, water, energy resources, atmosphere, agriculture, global change and more. Once you pay for access, you will be able to download their papers in PDF format and use them to write your environmental research paper.

5. Journal of Environmental Engineering

The Journal of Environmental Engineering is an online monthly journal that has papers for anyone who wants to be knowledgeable about environmental engineering, as well as systems engineering and sanitation. The American Society of Civil Engineers are the publishers of this prestige journal, and it gets contributions from researchers, engineers, and consultants who are active in the field of environmental engineering.

You can find papers that focus on topics such as management, governmental policies, environmental biology, fluid mechanics, chemistry, microbiology, design, development of engineering methods, societal impacts of wastewater collection and treatment and many more topics. Of course, you just need to keep in mind that the papers are also not free.

6. ThoughtCo

ThoughtCo is a website that was launched in 2017 and is packed with lots of educational articles from highly-qualified writers with degrees and PhDs. Their articles are well-researched and you can find articles on almost any topic such as science, math, technology, arts, music, and humanities.

They have a section on the website dedicated to informing readers about the environment called Environmental Issues. This section is full of articles, guides, and videos that were written by their highly-educated writers, which you can access for free. This is an excellent website for gathering information for your environmental research paper on topics like energy, conservation, and hotly-debated climate change.

So there you have it, a list of websites that will help you gather enough information to write your environmental research paper. These websites are great companions in your academic life as they offer quality coursework help. There are a lot of websites on the internet that claim to have information on environmental topics, but the ones on this list won’t disappoint you. Furthermore, if you want to get your research project written in accordance with your requirements, you can hire a high-quality research paper writing service 24/7 available online. Happy writing!

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