DIY Ideas To Reuse And Recycle Plastic Bottles

Reuse Plastic Bottle

Using plastic bottles in your house can be reused and recycled, but you need to come up with fun ways to manage them.  You can use plastic bottles to do some fun things that will be fascinating and exciting for you.  You should be sure that you have planned to manage these plastic bottles every day as a part of your daily routine.  You might also come across some plans that allow you to have fun with the kids, store items in the kitchen, and save money.

  1. What Should You Throw Away?

What can you put in a skip bin? You can put anything that you want in a skip bin, but you should consider keeping anything that is the right size for your purposes.  You have to start looking at these bottles as a way to further your ideas, and you need to keep everything that is actually useful to you.  If you come across plastic bottles that you cannot use, you should recycle them because they could go to another good purpose.

  1. Store Coins

Getting a nice bottle to store you coins will be helpful because you can see how many coins you have when they are right out there in the open.  This is a fun thing to do, and it helps you have a good time considering what your decoration options are for the kitchen.  You also have to see if you can decorate that bottle so that everyone in the house has their own bottle to use for storage.

  1. Store Cereal

You can store your cereal in these bottles so that you can see how much you have left.  They are a nice aesthetic piece that you can use to make your kitchen look nice.  You should use bottles that are the right size so that you do not have much stale air inside the bottle.

  1. Store Flour

Storing flour in these bottles allows you to see how much flour is left.  Plus, you can use the flour storage plan as a way to keep up with baking.  You get inspired when you see the flour on the counter every time you go into the kitchen.

  1. Store Candy

Storing candy and treats in the kitchen for your kids helps you make the room a lot of fun.  You should decorate these bottles, and you might put these bottles around the house if you want to put treats in all of them.

  1. Lamps

You can make lamps with these bottles that have a simple light that floats in water or sits in a special gel.  You can use these bottles to make your own lamps and you can look online to learn how to make these lamps on your own.

There are many people who would like to make their home more fun and functional using these bottles.  You can reuse these bottles while making your home look nicer, saving money, and doing what is best for the planet.

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