Why Industries Must Use Flowmeters In Their Processes


Almost all industries aim for energy efficiency not only to save costs but also to play their part in preserving the environment. If industries monitor their energy consumption, they can get an accurate idea of how much energy is being used, how much is getting wasted and this can help them reduce their energy consumption and be more efficient.

Flowmeters are installed to monitor the energy consumption in each process in an industrial plant. The information collected from these flowmeters can be used to identify and rectify problems such as steam leaks, malfunction etc.

Different industries have different requirements of and roles of flowmeters. Flowmeters may be known by different terms like flow indicator, flow gauge, liquid meter etc. but they all do the same thing, which is to measure the rate of flow of liquid or gas.

Here are some of the ways in which different industries can benefit from flowmeters.

1. Medical Industry

Medical industry can use flowmeters to measure the flow of liquid or gas in various types of therapies like oxygen therapy where the flow of oxygen needs to be administered and monitored. When the oxygen is released, it first passes through a pressure regulator which controls the high pressured oxygen and brings it to a lower pressure. This lowered pressure is then controlled and monitored by a flow meter which measures it in litres per minute or lpm. The flowmeter in this case will ensure that only the required amount of oxygen is getting released and received by the patient. It will prevent any wastage of oxygen.

Flowmeters are also present in anesthetic devices where a mix of multiple gases is required by a patient. A flowmeter in this case ensures that the right mix of various gases reaches the patient. Not more, not less and no wastage.

2. Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry a flowmeter helps in monitoring the flow of liquids and fluids such as engine coolant, engine oil, wiper fluid, automatic transmission fluid and more such liquids. Flowmeters are important in this case to not only monitor the fluids or liquids, but to also control and ensure that there is no wastage of fluids. They are also helpful in getting the right mix of gases or fluids for a particular purpose or process.

3. HVAC Systems

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning technologies benefit from flowmeters as well. Flowmeters monitor the flow of gases and control the pressures, which help in reducing energy costs, measuring sensitivity and more. They are also useful in maintaining and controlling pressure in rooms. For example, hospitals usually keep a negative pressure so that hazardous substances and germs don’t spread. In a completely clean room, to prevent any untreated air from getting in, a consistent overpressure needs to be maintained.

4. Utility Bills

Flowmeters help in planning buildings and are also able to provide an accurate bill for each building or floor without making the residents pay extra. Flowmeters are able to monitor and measure consumption which makes it easier for people to pay their bills based on what and how much they have consumed. It also helps in using less energy which is beneficial for the environment, hence it has great benefits.


The basic function of a flowmeter is to measure and monitor the flow of liquids or gas and this measurement can help industries, builders, residents in a lot of ways. It can ensure no wastage of liquid or gas along with giving the exact amount of it which is actually required for a task.

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