Better living with a garden

Living with a garden

When we think of gardens, we envision beautiful flowers that give off sweet smells, chirping birds that wake us up each morning. We think about beauty and a sense of peace. Gardens have the ability to make us appreciate the serene and want to be one with nature. Whether you have a green thumb or not, owing or living with a garden is a definite way to help improve your life.

Hard process to grow a garden

The process that takes us from seeds or seedlings to a full-blown garden is amazing to watch. From picking the right soil for the different plants, making sure they are growing in the right temperature, the right amount of water and sunlight each day, might be a daunting task but the immense health benefits we reap cannot be overemphasized.

Not just us, but different animals might reap a whole lot of good from you owing a garden depending on if it is a protected area. There have been calls by various environmentalists that the earth needs more plants and trees so as to fight off the onslaught of ozone layer depletion. The earth is one big cycle of life and we as humans need to play our part in preserving the life we have found here and we can accomplish this through planting flowers, trees and in a whole, gardens of beauty.

One way by which we can achieve this is through using less spaces for our lawns, starting or joining a community wide initiative for a garden chain which would ensure that each home had a garden to help plant life and even insects thrive.

Through time

Recall the time of the Dinosaurs. The earth was definitely thriving with wildlife and the earth’s vegetation was one that sustained the dinosaurs’ existence. We had huge trees that these great animals could eat from and these trees protected them also from the rays of the sun. This huge forest also provided a home for these animals to live in peacefully.

In present times, due to rapid development of areas in homes, shopping malls, office buildings, there is a constant felling of trees and changing of landscape from natural wildlife to modern day human habitable form. As a result of this most of our wildlife now depend on landscapes that are dominated by humans to survive.

Benefits of gardening

We all need each other. There is an interconnectedness between humans and plants that cannot be disputed. When it comes to the air we breathe, we know that humans take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Now, plants take in this carbon dioxide and water that we feed them with in addition to the energy from the sun to produce oxygen and this is what we breathe. Knowing that plants are also a great source of providing us with the much-needed air that we need to survive, it is without a doubt important for us to have a good nice garden going.

How garden improve our live?

Another great way a garden helps improve our lives is giving us the chance to bask in the beauty and serenity that flowers and plants give off freely when they are well tended, nurtured and taken care of. If you have a nice, well landscaped garden, you might build it yourself or even have professional gardeners and landscapers handle it for you, then you can add some great outdoor garden furniture to the create an area where you could relax, have your morning coffee, throw a nice party or even gossip with friends if you don’t want the walls to hear you.

Gardening is also a very soothing and healing hobby to undertake. There have been various reports over the years of individuals that have prolonged their lives while battling terminal illnesses after they took up gardening. It is a way of beautifying our homes and communities, watch plants and flowers we lay in the soil bud and come to life, bring out the nurturing part of us and create awesome beauty which we get to enjoy everyday of our lives for as long as we live, look here for garden sets:

So, despite the giving off of oxygen which we need to survive as humans because that is what we breathe, plants and flowers offer up beauty freely that incites a feeling of warmth inside us.

Roses? Nothing gladdens the heart of a woman as much as a dozen red roses from that special someone and you could plant roses in your garden if roses are native to where you live. Want to sit out with friends and enjoy some nice breakfast or just soak in the rays of the sun? Then a nice well-planned garden would be the obvious choice.

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