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The average home these days is positively immersed in exciting new innovations and transformative advancements. Whether it is something as seemingly simple as replacing old roller doors with brand new roller doors installations Perth, or something more grand like going totally solar at home, every innovation, every conscious action, counts. When it comes to grasping and adequately understanding the impact that we have on the planet around us, it is abundantly clear that we have created the world around us to operate distinctly as the ideal environment to cater to our own progression as a species.

Unfortunately for Earth (and, as it turns out, us and all living species as well), our selfish pursuit of our own further advancement has led us to where we are now: lost and in desperate need of imminent change – change that only we can initiate and continue as time goes on. Building environmentally-friendly homes is more important to us than ever before, and here are three of the biggest and most influential ways you can create a more environmentally-friendly home.

Installing a water tank

There is something unsettling about the sheer volume of wasted water in the everyday modern home. This is especially true when you consider the fact that some countries and regions do not even have access to clean water. Installing a rainwater harvesting system like a water tank is a fantastic way to limit your communal water consumption while making use of the abundances that nature give us. Waste not, want not, as they say – not to mention the money you will save on your water bill, having effectively pulled back from collectively public water consumption.

Investing in an electric car

The most obvious environmentally-friendly aspect to driving an electronic vehicle rather than a traditional car is that the fossil fumes that standard cars leech into the air every second they are in operation, are effectively eliminated when the vehicle is electric instead of fuel-run. Making the switch to an electric car (or even better, switching to a push bike whenever possible) is a great way to significantly reduce your personal carbon footprint. Not only this, but electric vehicles might cost more to purchase initially right now, but they cost far less to keep on the road (for the most part, it is far easier to charge your car in your secure garage overnight as you sleep, than it is to make a stop on the way to your destination to fill up with expensive fuel).

Making use of solar power

Renewable energy is the latest innovation in sustainable living making a buzz around the world, and for good reason, too. Converting to solar power enables you to effectively and significantly reduce your use of other electrical points in the house. Over time, you can go completely solar, even potentially charging electric vehicles in the future using the solar panels on your roof. Not only is solar power a more environmentally-friendly source of power, but it is more cost-effective in the long run, too.

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