How to Develop Good Habits for Healthy Green Living

develop good habits

Old habits die hard. We tend to ignore multiple warnings from health experts regarding harmful behaviors. Most of the times people who indulge in unhealthy behaviors persistently stick to them despite full knowledge of the consequences. Studies done by MIT associate the defiance with the need for social acceptance and general human stubbornness.

There are however people who are tired of their habits and feel they need to turn over a new leaf. Changing is hard, and you are likely struggling to adopt healthier habits. Do not worry; the article will reveal relevant guidelines for developing positive habits.

Identify Bad Habits

If you want to change, you must first identify what is ailing you. Likely, you work out regularly, but you cannot go for two days without a few beers. The proper way to start is to list down all your habits, separating good and bad habits. For instance, dropping by the dentist every six months, like this experienced dentist In Grand Blanc is an example of a good habit that you should keep. Identifying the patterns helps in creating ownership and commitment to change. It might not be easy to identify these habits because you might be tempted to believe that you do everything right at all times. Try and do research on normal things that promote unhealthy living and create a comprehensive list before moving to the next step.

Gradually Eliminate Bad Habits

You cannot wake up one day, and forego all the habits you had. You have to adopt a gradual step by step approach. If you decided to reduce sugar intake, you could start by day by day reduction of the amounts you take with an ultimate goal of nil sugar consumption. You can also try replacing a bad habit with several good habits, for example, if you binge-watch TV shows after work, you can commit to using the time in exercising, reading or enrolling in part-time classes.

The best way to eliminate bad habits is not assuming that they don’t exist. Rather, you need to start by accepting them, and going by the list you created in the first step, forego them one at a time. Sooner or later, you will have none left, and this will go a long mile in promoting healthy living.

Stick to Your Shopping List

Even before preparing your weekly or monthly shopping list, it is vital to have a weekly schedule for your meals. A weekly plan helps regulate your eating habits and avoid unhealthy foods. If your goal is to reduce weight, your menu should not have room for fast foods.

Your menu should also help you avoid eating out and cook at home. When you prepare your meals indoors, you get control over all the ingredients in your meals.

Your shopping list ideas must originate from your weekly menu plan. Only include items that can help you improve your diet. Also, if you want to meet your health goals, you must stick to your list.

Always Carry a Water Bottle

An essential habit, if you want to be healthy, is regular water intake. Water helps in body temperature regulation, improvement of concentration levels, weight loss and proper functioning of body joints.

It is vital always to carry a water bottle when traveling, bike-riding, exercising or at work. The 16 oz stainless steel water bottle is perfect option for your short duration outdoor use. The bottle is BPA free and recyclable. It is designed to fit in travel bags, car cup holders, bike cup holders and work out bags. The bottle helps keep your water at desired temperatures, I.e., warm or cold.

Find Friends Who Have Your Desired Habits

Peer pressure and social influence of friends are some of the sources of our habits. In turn, if you want to adopt new and better practices, you have to stay near like-minded people. Get friends who are committed and willing to hold you accountable. Friends also enhance competition which can help you attain your goals faster.

Take care of the environment!

For a fact, you cannot live a healthy life if the environment itself is unhealthy. Therefore, you need to play your part in keeping Mother Nature clean and safe. Adopt green living, by minimizing the use of harmful products such as plastics in your home or business. Wherever you go shopping, buy eco-friendly products for everyday use, including electronics and equipment that use less energy, or consider recycling your old phone for cash. By doing these, you will go a long mile in living a healthy, happy life! 

Reward Yourself

A right way of growing and maintaining new habits is through self-rewards. Create goals which have awards at the end. Rewards act as an incentive and help you retain acquired habits. Always set higher goals once you accomplish existing goals. If your goal was to stay alcohol-free for one month, reward yourself, and set a new goal of staying alcohol-free for two months.

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