5 Tips on How To Grow A Bonsai – Things to Know

grow a bonsai

Are you planning to grow a Bonsai tree in your house? That’s great, but you need to know that growing a bonsai tree or maintaining it requires some effort, labour and patience on your part. Just follow the tips listed below, and soon you should own a bonsai tree in your green garden. Of course, you still need to decide whether you want an indoor bonsai or an outdoor one, but the key thing to remember is to opt for native species of Bonsai.

Growing your own Bonsai

You can always get a pre-bonsai tree at an online plant nursery. A pre-bonsai tree is a partially trained tree which has not attained its final form. All that’s left is for you to develop the rest of the tree, reshape it, prune it until it attains its unique shape.

If you are not willing to invest much of your time into this, you can also opt to purchase a fully grown bonsai tree from the online nursery, or for the rough variant, which you will need to cultivate into a fully grown version.

Shaping the Bonsai Tree

It is important to note that you would be required to wire the branches, add weights when needed and be ready to prune and shape the trees so that they resemble the real one. As mentioned earlier, you would need some patience to get it done the right way. You need to purchase a good cutter so that you are able to prune the thick branches with ease.

However, if you are not sure which branches to prune, you may look at a few Youtube videos to get a better idea of the process involved. Just search online for ‘Bonsai tree online’ as that should show up more than a few videos with online guides as well. Remember, that if the tree in question has two branches of the same size, then you may want to remove one.

Wiring Your Bonsai

You can make use of aluminum or copper wires for wiring certain branches and restrict them to a certain height or even to bend them. The trick is to use the wires in such a way that it does not scar the branches.

Bonsai Tree Maintenance

Do remember that your tree would require some maintenance and that the frequency of watering depends primarily on the variant of the plant, the pot size as well as a few external factors. Do not over water it since that can lead to root rot; instead, you may want to consult a professional gardener and find out exactly how much you need to water your Bonsai tree.

Fertilization Is Essential To Your Bonsai

It is a good idea to use organic filters and do remember to re-pot the plant every two years as this would help keep the soil fresh and enable the plant to gain more nutrients from the soil and remember that it takes some time for the plant to assume the original Bonsai shape.

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