Should you hire a removal company or do your own packing?

Packing is quite stressful and doing it on your own can be challenging. However, if you want to save some money you can do it by yourself. If you don’t have too much stuff and it’s easy to pack you probably don’t need a removal company. But for bigger and heavier items it’s safer to hire one. It makes moving smoother and quicker. Find out which option is more suitable for you.

Removal companies offer packing and unpacking of your belongings and even organising a new home. It’s good to first find out how much time and energy everything will take. Maybe you can do it all on your own or with help from your friend?

What do removal companies do?

Many companies conduct a home assessment to see how much moving will cost. They usually send a surveyor who lists what will be packed, like furniture, cupboard contents, and drawers. This way they know what’s valuable and need more care. You will discuss how valuables like paperwork, jewellery, and artwork will be taken. Things that you want to take with you will be packed separately and put aside.

Packers will make sure everything is properly wrapped and secured. Furniture will be taken apart, pictures removed from walls and carpets rolled. They will also help with labeling and sorting boxes according to room and placement. The company will estimate the time needed to pack and move everything. Usually, it takes a day. The price will depend on the number of things and time. You might need more staff if you’re in a hurry.

Will it cost a lot?

Hiring a removal company can make moving more costly, however, it might be worth it. You need to see how much time you’d spend packing on your own. If it’ll take you more than a few days, it’s worth to hire a removal company no matter if you’re moving from Pinner or Harrow. Packing is time-consuming and you need to also remember about buying packing supplies like boxes, tape, and wrapping paper. First, pack all the things you won’t need over the next weeks. You need to plan everything accordingly and choose what items you’ll prepare to take with you on the day of moving.

A removal company should manage packing in one day, but it could take longer if you decide to pack on your own. If you need a removal company but you’re tight on a budget, many removal companies offer packing valuables and fragile items only. They will come to your home, evaluate stuff to pack, and give you a quote. If you have to pack things like chandeliers, antiques, and china, it’s best to use their service rather than doing it on your own because they are professionalists.

Big appliances

Moving appliances like refrigerators, stoves, and washers should be handled by a specialty removals company. Most moving companies will tell you that such devices should be handled by professionals. You have to properly prepare appliances before moving because the removals company can’t be held responsible if they don’t work after moving.

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